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Magic Moments

I am really struggling to keep my chin up these days. It is hard to find any positives in the day when you have lost a precious child, you are battling a cold and the pressure to be “merry” has become almost palpable, with December knocking impatiently at the door!

But in the midst of all the pain and rotten, bed-ridden days, we were offered (by two wonderful local charities who got to know us and have worked with us since Georgie died) tickets to two beautiful shows for Emma to enjoy: Disney on Ice at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast and Alladin, the pantomime, at the Grand Opera House. Here are some pictures of the very impressive shows:

10808615_458823940925543_816171593_n10784840_1504240553183112_284588505_nI have also been forcing myself to deck the house in Christmas attire and prepare the ground for Christmas, all for Emma’s sake. She is only 5 and it is not fair on her to have no Christmas celebrations nor joy just because we, as parents, feel like hiding away from the world until the 1st of January:

10809928_860350830664345_1939020253_n10832038_810427265664953_1448056195_nThis Saturday it was also our wedding anniversary but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to celebrate as such. We did exchange cards and sort of promised each other that we will try and do better next year. This year nothing feels like celebrating:

10808903_1511607645756971_956478068_nI am really trying, I am…I will do the Elf on the shelf and a book-a-day advent calendar with Emma. But I do wish Georgie was here to marvel at the silly Elf and pull at the Christmas wrapping paper…For Emma, the magic will have to still be there but for me, there is no more magic…


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  1. We’re finding it very hard. A short Christmas shopping trip to one shop ended in screaming at each other and then crying for far too long – all in public sadly, and in front of our boys.
    It’s double-edged. Trying to create good memories for the children is so important and so hard that we really are forced to struggle, but if we didn’t have them then it would be too easy to give in.
    You are doing really well, you really are xx

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