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Littlest Pet Shop Review

Show-titleThe latest in the review series on the blog has been generously provided by Hasbro via Tots100 and it is a whole set of the Littlest Pet Shop small toys: Blythe’s Bedroom (RRP £29.99), The Spa (RRP £14.99)and The Treat set (RRP £14.99).

10570118_1497890407167182_1735070060_nThe playset is inspired by the TV series with the same name, which is running on POP, the children’s TV channel. Blythe, the teenage protagonist of the series lives a great new life adventure when she moves into an flat above Littlest Pet Shop where she learns she can talk with the pets who hang out in the shop.

Emma is only 5 and the recommended age group for the Littlest Pet Shop sets is +6 but she took to them immediately. She, indeed, needed a bit of help assembling the structures (which, as you can see in the picture, come as flat packs) but had no issue letting her imagination run wild with them, as you can see in the picture below. We found the small bits a bit fiddly and the amount of accessories a bit overwhelming to start with but we had great fun recreating Blythe’s bedroom and the pets’ spa.



I have downloaded the free Littlest Pet Shop app for Emma as well and there is a number of features we haven’t got to exploring yet, like scanning the pets with the mobile phone and having them teleport themselves into the virtual world! I am sure Emma will be absolutely fascinated, if not a little bit confused, with the possibility of putting real toys into the make-believe world of an app.

Disclaimer:We were sent the sets to review and keep but the opinions expressed in this blog post are entirely our own.

We are very grateful for the opportunity we were given by Tots 100 and Hasbro to review the playsets. We found them easy enough to assemble and they promise plenty of fun to be had by Emma, for the months and years to come!

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  1. Kerry says

    My goodness me aren’t people nosey! Whose business is it except yours and your family’s when you get a job? To my mind you’re doing enough keeping afloat and being the best wife and mother you can be at this time. And forging a legacy for baby George. Looks like a great set, I know my little people would love it!

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