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On the sixth day of Christmas…

“On the sixth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Six Geese a Laying
Five Golden Rings
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

We were privileged to be asked to review not one, not two but actually four companies that create photographic mementos and memories this December! I will try and do them all justice here and mention the unique way they have each blessed us as a family this Christmas.

I love Instagram and I use it constantly for my blog’s page so when Square Snaps approaches me and asked us to review their greeting cards, I could have jumped for joy! I take pictures via Instagram several times a day and these pictures are dear to my heart as they are sweet snippets of what our daily routine and life at the moment look like. Pictures that translate memories that could be easily forgotten since Instagram is such a fast moving photographic tool.

If you are a passionate Instagram user like me, you will see the advantage of using Square Snaps immediately:

  • easy, instant access to your Instagram shots
  • the possibility of personalising either greeting cards, Christmas cards or gift tags and the pleasure to present a loved one with a beautiful, unique memory you have created together only days before.
  • the possibility of creating 10 different personalised cards within the same order, due to a very simple to use but efficient program. It made into 10 very unique Christmas cards I was happy to send to various family members and friends.

I was impressed with:

  • the quality of the cards, good quality, glossy paper.
  • the personal service: the stuff was ever so helpful, on several occasions. My first choice of picture was not a good fit and they contacted me to say the quality of the photo on the Christmas card would be poor, and would I mind choosing a picture that would deliver a beautiful card?
  • the envelopes in which the orders are delivered: safe, sturdy and class looking, winners in my books!
  • the free delivery
  • the prompt delivery of my order, within days of having placed it.

10859998_1511958325756919_1279147703_nI wholeheartedly recommend Square Snaps for personalised and unique photographic memories, especially for Instagram users. We were send a voucher code that allowed us to create 10 free personalised Christmas cards. A set of 10 retails at £9.90, delivery is free and the last day to order your personalised snaps is the 18th of December, still time to order your in!

We were also invited this December to create and to review Christmas cards with myprint247.

The company specialises in a whole set of products, from business cards to leaflets and flyers to posters to office supplies like desk pads and personalised mugs and mouse sets. The name is self-explanatory, they promise prompt creation and delivery of an order within 24 hours, 7 days a week!

I would recommend the company for :

  • swift orders, as promised, ours was delivered within 24 hours.
  • bulk orders: we were sent a voucher code that allowed us to create 30 personalised A5 Christmas cards! Perfect for families who have a lot of relatives to send Christmas cards to or for parents like me who like to add a personalised touch to the school Christmas cards.
  • starting up or branding an existing small business, the company offers 50 FREE business cards.

10848138_1516404181971141_256650582_nI will be keeping in mind the company for our next year’s Christmas cards, I am sure Emma’s wee friends in school would love receiving a personalised card from her and it would save the mummies the “Who is it from?” question for sure!

The set of 30 A5 Christmas cards retails at £24 and we were sent a voucher code that allowed us to order a set for free, for the purpose of this review.

The last but not the least of the companies I need to mention in this review is eFRAME. I knew they were perfect for us as soon as they emailed with a review request.  As you all know, since Georgie died, I have adorned our home with memories of him and unashamedly continued to talk about our special baby boy who left us too soon. So, when eFrame offered us the opportunity to review one of their personalised framed creations, I knew what I would use it for:

10852996_1377081929255638_305893553_n10848388_633455816781885_810560720_nThis is the picture I used for our frame and it went on Georgie’s memory wall, to honour his memory this Christmas and soothe our pain by reminding us he is now a sweet dragonfly flying happily up above.

I would recommend eFrame for:

  • their vast choice of frames and mounts, to suit every budget. We were offered a £50 voucher,  and I was able to order my print and frame without exceeding the budget.
  • the personal and kind service.
  • the reasonably priced products.
  • the personalised options of creating a very unique picture and frame, using personal photographs and choice of frames.

A big thank you to all three companies for choosing to work with us, for gifting us the option of choice and for creating so many beautiful and personalised memories for us as a family!

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