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Baby blankets, memories and Dettol

With both Emma and Georgie I had a multitude of baby blankets.

I wanted my babies to feel warm and safe and cuddly.

To my babies, those blankies were my love, wrapped tight around them, keeping them comfy.

Emma still get new blankets, even now at 5. Her latest is a Frozen one, of course.

I can no longer do it for my Georgie. I can no longer wrap blankies and love around his little frame. I can no longer keep him safe and well.

But when I heard about the Dettol campaign, I knew I can do it for others babies and children who need help!

DBBD logoDettol is encouraging us all to donate baby blankets we no longer need to give a good start in life to babies in the UK whose mummies can’t afford them.

Not only that, they will go a step further and donate £1 per blankie donated to the Sparks charity, a children’s medical research charity.

If you have been following this blog, you know that fundraising for research childhood cancer has become a very dear subject to my heart.

Sparks is at the moment funding research for neuroblastoma and also another dozen of life-threatening conditions, like cystic fibrosis and congenital heart disease.

You see when I read that list? I don’t see names of diseases to cure.

I see the names of children who are suffering or have passed away from several of these conditions.

Would you please dig out the old baby blankets with me, mummies?

Would you send them on with your love, to wrap up new little ones and make them feel and nice and safe and also, give hope to so many other children already very loved and wanted here bu who need a cure from all those horrible conditions?

Donate-Blankets2_500x269I will let this picture of my Georgie, wrapped up in one of his precious wee blankets, have the last word:


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  1. This is a beautiful idea, i made a lot when i was pregnant and im sure Alice can spare one or two for a good cause! Or maybe its an excuse to get crocheting 🙂 thankyou for sharing this!

    • Any excuse is a good excuse :-). Thank you, on behalf of all the little ones who will be blessed by your generosity and kind blanket donation!xx

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