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Kate Hopkins, you are an idiot!

You like this sort of language and you bask in the impact it has on an audience so, what the heck, I will use it in my imaginary conversation to you.

I know you like to create controversy. It has become your exclusive line of work.

I have ignored your existence and your vile comments regarding numerous subjects close to my heart. Like mental health, for example.

Until now.

Despite your numerous attempts to grasp my attention via an overindulging media.

Overindulging of idiocy, crass lack of manners and respect for your fellow human beings.

But hey, just like you have plenty to say, so have I.

So I will play your game.

In your “manner”(to read, total lack of).

So, as an ignorant white middle-class female with a posh English accent, whose world revolves around, I assume, the tabloids covering your badmouthing of honest folk, you went there and launched a tirade against immigrants.

Following a boat capsizing in the Mediterranean and killing 400 people, babies and children included.

(Oh, by the way, after you finished, there was an even bigger one sinking, this time with 900 immigrants on it!)

This is like pissing on someone’s casket.

Or on the 400 of them, as a matter of fact.

While the whole world is watching.

I will not use reason with you.

The incident mentioned above, plus innumerable other ones, in which you take pride and joy, and which involve you shitting yourself in public, prove you do not respond to reasoning.

There is no point telling you that as Europeans, we are all highly likely to have ancestors who were (im)migrants at some point or another.

Meaning, you could very well be the very product of migration yourself, at some point down your “noble” blood line.

Even kings and queens used to migrate following marriage, no-one was exempt back in the day.

But hey, I am wasting my breath here.

There is no point telling you that migration most likely made your posh-arsed ancestry prosper.

Good honest folk, migrants who left their villages for emerging towns and put up with stinky attitudes like yours to make the country prosper through “menial” industries like mining or textile manufacturing. Working their health and lives away so that the Industrial Revolution could benefit, down the history, spoilt, big-mouthed, empty-headed brats like you.

(Side note, I do not know who your friends are but you clearly could do with a friend like Wikipedia to keep you better informed in matters like this.)

You speak clearly like a narrow-minded lunatic who thinks her luck of having been born in a wealthy country equals her right to enjoy all its benefits.

You clearly talk like someone who has never know hunger.

Or fear for your own life.

Or fear for your future, and being given in marriage at 12 to a 50 year-old goat. For a goat.

Or hopelessness that comes with being born in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

You would shoot them, all these people trying to live the only life they were given, would you?

On what account?

So that you can enjoy a life of undeserved extras while so many go lacking in essentials?

So that you abuse the freedom (gifted to you by someone’s sacrifice, in a bloodied field, somewhere, back in history)  to sprout nonsense liberally, every time you open your mouth, while so many others, so much worthier that you of a platform, rot under dictatorships, in damp cells for having dared to challenge idiocy??

There is no justice in this world.

You deserve catapulted back into history before immigration made the world the place it is now.

You deserve catapulted in a remote and dangerous place somewhere in Africa or neighbouring Asia Minor, where you would re-learn to treasure as privileges what you now regard as rights: the privilege to speak freely, the privilege to healthcare, the privilege to receive an education, the privilege to love, the privilege  to work for your own subsistence, the privilege to go to bed feeling safe at night.

You are an idiot, Kate Hopkins, for making fun of people who cannot do the same to you.

I know I have wasted an hour writing this to you but at least, I feel that I have done something, however small, to undo the harm and damage done by your heartless words.

iLfrHDHInlqXfcE-800x450-noPadPersonal disclaimer: I do not adhere to any of the opinions Kate Hopkins holds as truth and I am very sorry so many lives have been lost this past week.

Dear migrants to other horizons,

May your souls rest in peace and may your travels be smooth on the other side.

May you all meet the One who has never had a problem with migration and made feel welcome at an international feast of gigantic proportions.

Sorry this world was not a welcoming place for you.

Farewell and hope I will have the privilege to meet you all there one day.

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Mum to one beautiful girl on earth and one sweet baby boy in heaven. Privileged carer. Encourager and friend.


    • I agree, Angela, she is a piece of work! But I don’t think silence is the best policy always. It can lead her and others lioe her to believe we agree with her.xx

  1. Sarah says

    I think she started to just try and make headlines but now she seems to have lost all sense – I find it hard to believe she actually believes what she spouts.

  2. Well said! Katie Hopkins is uch an ignorant woman with no understanding of migration or of the troubles that people in other parts of the world have to endure. Vile woman, makes me so angry x

  3. mamasyder says

    Well Said! Katie Hopkins is such an ignorant woman with no real understanding of migration and the troubles that some people in other parts of the world are forced to endure. Vile woman, makes me so angry! x

  4. When KH talks about the economy and business she makes bloody good sense – just wish she wouldn’t cause such controversy with all this bile too. She is just an attention seeker

  5. She is an awful, vile excuse of a woman and I wish the media would stop giving her column inches and the tv shows would stop giving her air time

  6. i have to be honest in saying that I agree that some of the things she says are ridiculous and vile sometimes but then there also points like the project she filmed not long ago where it was about bigger size people and appreciated that i also agreed with most of her points of views when some found them mean

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