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Emma’s May Reviews (Part One)

Emma has been a very lucky girl this month and was sent a lot of beautiful things to sample and play with.

The first thing that we were sent to review and that brought joy to both of us is a birthday party supply kit from Party Bags and Supplies. I know, I know, her birthday is in November but Emma LOVES the mere mention of the day and I love that fact that I will not have to worry about at least part of her party bags and supplies!

Emma will be 6 in November but given the choice, she still went for the Disney Princess Sparkle Party Pack, which comes with 8 filled party bags, paper cups and plates, 20 napkins and a table cover.

tableware_pack_copy_2_1Every mummy out there who has had to prepare(and stress over) party bags, would understand my excitement over the ones provided in the pack! They contain a small Disney Princess wand, a Disney Princess sticker sheet, a Disney Princess vanity mirror and one pack of Haribo Strawberry sweets. Perfect for a small princess, in my opinion!

disney_princess_1The party pack is priced at £21.99 on the website and I find it a reasonable and most importantly, stress-free solution to hunting supermarkets and bargain shops for weeks in search for appropriate items!

There is a huge variety and choice of party packs, for both boys and girls on the website and I do recommend it warmly as a convenient solution to party supply dilemmas!

Another set of products Emma was lucky to be offered to review and absolutely got to love are her Colour Me wellies and brolly by el RHEY Kids.

Branded as “inspiring for children’s creativity“, the product does exactly what it says on the package and much more!

11137904_794477903969502_961672930_nEmma was absolutely delighted to discover what was in her mail package and wasted no time getting to work!

11142252_456246391207268_478982224_nThe perfect present for creative children, the wellies provide perfect practice and then become the very proud display of artistic genius effort :-)!

11245891_357368971055122_768756289_nYou can be absolutely sure of one thing with the el RHEY wellies: that the finished masterpieces will be as beautiful and unique as the small artists who have decorated them!

11236196_374993439366100_2030809473_nThe brolly was recently added to the collection and compliments the wellies perfectly, with its matching colour range. Cleverly designed to colour with the rain, the umbrella would be a source of delight during those otherwise rather dreary rainy days!

11184565_454160728071509_1874282047_n11176068_1576234695948589_1824914759_nThe wellies retail for £20 on website while the brolly is reasonably priced at £12.99. We found both wellies and the umbrella are high quality, sturdy products and the personalisation option made them in our eyes well worth the price tag.

Finally but not lastly, Emma was sent a beautiful and very inspiring book to read this month.

madebyraffiMade by Raffi is the story of a little shy boy who doesn’t like noisy games and is often teased at school. But when he gets the idea of making a scarf for his dad’s birthday he is full of enthusiasm, even though the other children think it is girly to knit. Then the day draws near for the school play, and Raffi offers to make a costume for the prince. On the day of the play, Raffi’s cape is the star of the show.

The story in the book, like of any good book, goes beyond the simple surface and teaches children from an early age to respect others, even if their interests and personality is different than theirs.

Emma, at 5, absolutely loved the story and deciphered the message very well. In her own simple words, it is cool to be yourself, even if than means knitting a scarf for your dad’s birthday!

As an educator, I see the potential of the book as an excellent conversation opener on big issues like school bullying, homophobia and respectful awe of each and every one’s unique personality and gifts.

The book retails on from £2.45 plus postage and would be an excellent tool for both parents and educators alike.

Disclaimer: we were sent the products mentioned above for review. We were not paid to write the product reviews and the opinions expressed are entirely our own.


    • Not at the moment, Melanie, but I could suggest it, they would go very well with the new adult colouring in trend!xx

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