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Angel’s Face: A Review

I have become very selective with my reviews in the past few months for a number of reasons.

One, and the most important, has been the lack of time due to a (nearly, towards the end of June) full-time job in education.

The other has been the subsequent desire to act professionally, not letting brands and PRs down with delayed or very late posts.

I therefore decided to accept for reviewing only products I absolutely loved and could dedicate an hour to writing a beautiful, heartfelt blog post on.

And Angel’s Face has been absolutely one of those and more!

I loved their name from the very beginning and saw it as perfectly befitting for Emma. At the end of the day, she has a little angel of a brother in heaven and wearing something that would remind us of Georgie is always a privilege and encouraged in our home!

Emma was sent an absolutely gorgeous Neon Pink Tutu Skirt and a sweet, sweet t-shirt. We loved the beautiful hat box packaging the tutu arrived in, check it out and let me know what you think:

neon-pink-tutuEmma was so thrilled to have such a wonderful surprise box to open and although she had a friend visiting when the post arrived, she decided to change into her new outfit ASAP!

11119327_10152792266571512_4921123849041852761_nShe told me she felt like a princess wearing the beautiful tutu and only took it off when daddy arrived home that evening. She did it so that he could try it on as a modern Dad’s hot pink mohawk, to my Instagram and Facebook friends’ delight:

11420040_10152791647401512_699143654_nJoke aside, we loved the product, the service and the frills. I have my eyes on a couple of items on the website that I will be buying in the months to come. I am hoping one of Emma’s birthday presents will be a matching doll tutu for her teddies:

blooming-lovely-doll-skirtI also LOVE their silver charm bracelet and will be probably adding it to Emma’s order, as another tender reminder of a little angel boy residing in heaven:

silver-charm-braceletDo have a look for me and let me know what would you fancy yourselves? Would you be as daring as to order a tutu for yourself,

adult-tutus.jpgwould you kit your baby girl in gorgeously befitting frills,

emerald-baby-tutuor would you be tempted by their angelic t-shirts?

wings-t-shirt-rose-pinkDisclaimer: we were sent the tutu and the t-shirt for the purpose of reviewing. We were not compensated financially or in any other way to write this post. The opinions expressed are genuinely our own and true to reality.


  1. That would make such a lovely gift! I would love to buy my daughter one- and that baby photo is so sweet, I have a niece that age.

  2. I think the packaging makes a big difference when receiving something and that box is adorable. My girls would absolutely love the tutu and the t-shirt, I will go and check out the site as we have some birthdays coming up. And yes, Emma does look like a princess x

  3. Sarah says

    Love that tutu on Emma and also the box – brilliant. No wonder she loved it!

  4. I do love little girls in Tutu’s and she looks beautiful – off to check them out x

  5. It looks lovely, from the packaging to the product itself. I think my daughter would quite like one of those tutus.

  6. Ickle Pickle says

    What a lovely review – the tutus are gorgeous! Don’t think Pickle would be impressed though 😉 Kaz x

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