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BritMums Live 2015

This was the first year I attended BritMums Live and I am so glad I did!

It took me over a week to condense down ALL the things I had learned, experienced and enjoyed but finally, here is my synopsis of two wonderful and very insightful days.

Let me start by saying that I went to London with no expectations as this proved to be the best policy I could have adopted. The bloggers’ conference delivered over and beyond my dreams but IF I had approached it with expectations of possible sponsorships for next year, of big brand giveaways or the like, I think I would have let myself down.

Saying that, BritMums Live 2015 proved to be a truly inspirational place to be, with sessions that inspired me and, dare I say, shaped the destiny of my future in blogging.

I met and listened to strong women who through the power of their words and utilising the strength of sisterhood, have been reshaping and molding our worldview on important subjects such as disability(the beautiful Hayley, Downs Side Up), neonatal loss and bereavement(the tender-hearted and inspirational Leigh, Headspace Perspective) , charity work(Michelle PannellMummy from the Heart)and women-run businesses(Kate Hardcastle,  Insight with Passion).

I had moments of revelation and felt that my blogging, my whole existence actually had been validated listening to sessions like Shouting Back: Women’s voices loud, proud & online and Digital Activism: Shaping the world we live in. I realised that the deeply-engrained desire in my heart to make a difference in the world can be transformed from dream and desire to reality through blogging and intelligent involvement in digital campaigning!

IMG_2762I met in person bloggers I had known for ages in the virtual world and we became friends, for real! It was so touching to meet and cuddle up to Leigh, with whom I had kept in touch ever since our little boys flew to heaven and who had been a source of strength and comfort to me from afar so many times:

10363098_10152828033431780_3776694032655618272_nI admired Vicki’s(Honest Mum) flawless sense of style but, most importantly, was impressed by her genuineness, warmth and candor. She poured love and affection on both Leigh and myself like a healing oil and shared a tear with us, talking about our precious Hugo and Georgie.


I made new friends and got to know lovely ladies with whom I share the difficult experience of postnatal depression and the victorious sense of overcoming the monster of social and emotional isolation that depression entails. One of the very practical means of becoming more involved in digital campaigning will be for me supporting the slaying of the dragon of antenatal and postnatal lack of support and understanding.

IMG_2764Another important aspect in BritMums Live was learning from the experts and brands how to run a blogging business professionally and successfully.

Both BritMums in Conversation with Bloggers and Brands and Travel Blogging: The latest Inspirations sessions provided priceless advice and common sense principles. These will once again, excuse me for repeating myself, shape Mama’s Haven’s  brand and blogging approach in the months and years to come and hopefully support it becoming from an amateurish blog a professional and successful brand, dare I say??


I found being at BritMums Live extremely beneficial, on every single level. Professional, emotional, confidence wise and friend wise.

I will be booking my next one as soon as the tickets are released and will be looking forward to catching up with everybody I got to know and love this year!


  1. I’ve now shed some tears for your boys too.
    BritMums Live! is great, and I’m really pleased that it’s inspired you. I’m glad that you found the travel blogging session useful (I was on the panel) and do let me know if I can help with anything.

  2. It sound like you had a great time, I have always found it very emotional and always learn such a lot. I can’t wait to go next year, I missed out this year x

  3. Everyone who went, whom ive read blog posts about, really seemed to have enjoyed themselves x

  4. StephsTwoGirls says

    So pleased that you took so much from it this year, that you found so much support and inspiration. Wishing you lots of luck with your new journey over this coming year! x

  5. I really enjoyed meeting you at last Oana, though I think we both feel we would rather not know each other in the nicest possible way…It was wonderful to be able to give you the hug I have been saving for you during the past year, to chat face to face about Georgie and Hugo, and to be there for one another. Wish we had more time together and that we lived closer, but hopefully we shall meet again. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the event and took a lot from it xxxx

  6. I was a first timer too and reaped the benefits. The social side was great wasnt it? Meeting new people as well as people I’d met online but not in person. I’d definitely recommend going to anyone.

  7. Sadly I didn’t go this year as it was Sebby’s birthday but I shall be there next year and hopefully will finally get to meet you x

  8. Ickle Pickle says

    Lovely post – it was my first Britmums too, so many people and ‘things’ to see! It took me a week to recover!! See you next year, hopefully, Kaz x

  9. I would have love to have gone this year but I was on holiday. It looks like a great place to socialise and learn. Hopefully next year!

  10. I’ve heard it was really good this year! I’ve only been once a couple of years back (although I went to the BIBS last year and it was so much fun) so glad you had a brill time! x

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