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FullSizeRenderI am unashamedly posting, a third time this week, about the Syrian crisis.

The death of a sweet little boy, named Aylan Kurdi, about which I wrote here yesterday, has, as I had predicted, moved many to action.

The UK parliament will find itself under enormous pressure from the public come Monday, following the online petition that has received more than 200,000 signatures in less than 48 hours.

As a community of bloggers(parents, most of us), we have been moved to tears and to action as well.

 We have gathered together, an army of UK parent bloggers, and agreed to publicly raise our voices in order to protect Syrian children, like Aylan, from a tragic end.

We refuse to stand by and watch any other Syrian children die, as we are well aware, the crisis they are facing could have well been ours. It could have been us, caught up in a cruel war of religion, idiocy and bigotry. It could have been our children, suffering from the horrors of displacement, famine, peril and lack of safety we see dying on TV.

As a group, we agreed to raise emergency relief funds in aid of Save the Children, who have actively been involved in Syria, from when the war started.

If, like us, you have been moved by the recent news and want to help in any way you can, please:

  TEXT 70008 and the word SYRIA to donate £5
to make a web donation, follow this link:
For your reference, please click this link for Save The Children’s terms and conditions.
On behalf on all the Syrian boys and girls to whom your donations prove that evil can always be conquered by good, we, as a blogging community, thank you.
From the bottom of our hearts.

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  1. Kerry says

    Thank you for this and for yesterday’s post. I’m so frustrated with people around me who still seem indifferent to this! Even in the face of the horror of a baby lying face down in the sea! We all need to do something. Good grief, it could be any of us! Thank you for your humanity xx

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