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Dear Sweet Boy…

Dear sweet boy who broke our hearts, with your tiny lifeless frame resting on the sand.

I am so very sorry.

I am so very sorry you had to die in order for the world to fully understand the cruelty of this war you were trying to escape with your mummy and daddy and big brother.

I have been thinking of you all day today.

I have been thinking at how meaningless this world and all its cruelties must have seemed to you.

I have been thinking at how you should have been playing on a warm beach right now, chasing the waves and splashing in delight.

You have made a big difference into this world, you know?

Your tragic, oh so tragic death, has shown us that there is no limit to evil and that even the most beautiful little boys can die in the most senseless and cruel of ways.

Your tragic death has shown us that, in the 11th hour, and after having had watched so many other mummies and daddies and little boys like you struggle to escape oppression, it is high time we did something, as humanity.

But dear sweet boy, I am so sorry this comes too late for you.

I am so very sorry we failed you.

I hope that from up there you will forgive us all.

Send us the courage we need to stand up and speak and clamour on behalf of so many other little boys and girls who are still crossing the sea of oppression and danger and racism, in search of freedom and happiness.

As for you and your mummy and big brother, do me a favour, will you?

Do search for my Georgie and take him into your family.

Only until I come too.

And then, I will be able to enjoy the sight of you all, little handsome boys, splashing away in warm, safe seas and running freely in fields of candyfloss and irises.

Farewell , dear sweet boy, farewell…



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