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Easy Weeknight Meals with Old El Paso

Which family does not strive to make the most of their time together while, at the same time, aiming not to compromise on health or great taste?

We live fast-paced lives, to the tempo of school bells, train schedules, after school activities and tight deadlines and more often than not, family meal times become also rushed and an end of line rather than a nourishing time, both for body and soul.

We were invited to make the most of our weeknights by Old El Paso and put their new Smoky BBQ soft taco kits to the test.

IMG_4138As luck has it, the day the package arrived, I had planned on this slow cooker quinoa and  turkey mince recipe so using my soft tacos seemed like the logical thing to do!


I found the tangy combination so tasty and versatile that every time I had a chance, I reached for my Old El Paso. And it never stopped at tacos, I did put the sauces to good use with a burger, as you can see below and also, in soups and omelets!


I will definitely use Old El Paso meal kits again, especially now that they have launched their new soft taco wraps, of which we are great fans. I have also seen in the recipe section on their website a great prawn and mango taco salad I would love to serve for dinner some time soon!

What are your to go to ingredients and reliable recipes you choose to use every time you get a chance?


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