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A good night sleep…

As you all know, I have been suffering on and off from insomnia, for the past two and a half years, since I got pregnant with Georgie.

Recently, it has become so bad that it did affect my capacity to function well and work and I have had to take a bit of time off my day job.

Sleep is extremely important to any of us and it is one of those things we never realise the importance of, until we go without for a length of time, just like our health or our holidays.

I have recently been invited by MattressNextDay to look into UK’s sleeping facts and figures and I must admit, it left me wanting to make some drastic changes to the way I unwind each night.

I am partially self-employed so I spend my evenings working in front of the laptop and, to my shame, I carry work into the bedroom when the pressure is there to do so!

Looking at the below infographic, using your tablet or mobile phone in bed increases significantly your chances of poor sleep, as does stressing over matters left unresolved during the day. With half of us admitting to using our smart devices before bed time, I think it is high time we claimed our bedtime back, leave the world outside the bedroom door and revert to a time when going to bed with a cup of warm milk and a good book was all the rage!

Night night britainDisclaimer: we were compensated for writing this blog post but the opinions expressed are true and entirely our own.


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