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Clarks Children’s Winter Boots-A Review

Autumn, as sweet and bright as this one has been so far, has taken reign over the land well and truly and we have all started to feel the need for cozy knits and warm boots, especially early in the morning and in the evening, as soon as the sun goes down.

If your children, just like my Emma, are in the annoying habit of growing out of their last year’s everythings, then you would soon (if you haven’t already) be looking for sturdy, reliable, reasonably priced and comfortable boots for them to wear.

Clarks were kind to approach us and offer Emma the choice of a pair of magnificently looking leather boots from their new autumn-winter collection.

We had a good look on the website (Emma has big feet and some of her choices simply weren’t available in her size) and settled on the Epsie Skye boots, which arrived promptly, within a few days of placing the order.

26109488_B_pI had thought myself clever and did order a 12 1/2 F for her, since at her last measurement, she had been a 11 1/2 but to my surprise, when the boots arrived, she declared them too small so we had to go and change them in one of our local Clarks shops.

We went last Sunday, right after lunch, when the shops were only opening and we got a wonderful shop assistant who not only measured Emma’s feet (declaring them 13 1/2 G, no surprise she was complaining of the previous pair, poor mite!) but also exchanged our boots swiftly, with courtesy and understanding.

The boots have been everywhere ever since, and Emma has got a lot of compliments thanks to them. I love the fact that they are so versatile and can be dressed up, with a skirt and tights (as we intend to do tomorrow, for her neon day in school!) or down, with a pair of jeans and a jumper, like Emma prefers to.

But most importantly, Emma has declared them her favourite pair and describes the feeling of wearing them, “like walking on air, mummy!”

IMG_4212Disclaimer: we were sent the Espie Skye Boots for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed in this article are truthful and entirely our own.


  1. They’re gorgeous – I wouldn’t mind a pair myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love the colour of them and my daughter would have loved them a couple of years ago x x

  2. They are a great looking pair of boots. They look so comfy and quite trendy for a fashion conscious young lady. We’re in the same boat, shopping for winter supplies. Bobbins is already in adult sizes so I think next year we will be able to share shoes! x

  3. Oh they are lovely, so cool! Need to get Boo some new boots so will have a trip to Clarks this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought says

    Those boots are gorgeous, I will have to see if they do them in my daughter’s size as I know she would adore them. Good for parents to know they are good quality too!

  5. Now these are very cool. They remind me of the trendy ‘Ash’ trainers for adults. I love that it’s a flat silver rather than high shine

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