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Parenting with Purpose – Book Review

Who do you go to for parenting advice? If you are like me, mothers are almost always the first port of call, followed by well-meaning friends. Without meaning no harm to the two groups mentioned above, I had come to realise that more often than not, they advise, yes, out of love and care but without the knowledge or expertise required and can do more harm than good.

Back in 2012, when I was toying with the idea of starting my own little blog and I was the mother of a very headstrong toddler, who kept me on my toes and whose upbringing threw steep learning curves at me daily, I came across this amazing blog, called Sleeping Should Be Easy.

I loved Nina’s approachable style immediately and found great comfort in the fact that, despite being a busy mother of a toddler herself, with a full time job, she found the time to blog about her parenting experience with grace and would always respond to any comments or questions I would have left on her blog posts.

In many ways, Nina inspired me to start blogging and I did aspire to become an expert in raising well-balanced children, like she was.

Life never turns as you expect it to and a few years down the line, I found myself an expert in subjects like grief and loss but my connection to Nina never ceased, despite the loss we experienced as a family or the fact that she had had twins meanwhile and was, for a while, leading a very busy and stressful life.

So when the email came from Nina a few weeks back that she had written a book and that it was all ready to go out, I was more than happy to let my readers know about it, as I knew it would be an excellent tool for “beginner” parents and seasoned “veterans” alike, in relearning to reconnect with our children and raise them with the respect they deserve.

Dear parents, I am honoured to bring to your attention Parenting with Purpose and all the wealth of experience and knowledge that made Nina’s blog so popular over the years, condensed into a handy guide.

For the next 24 hours, the Kindle edition of the book is free, so why don’t you benefit from the generous offer and download it for future reference and as material to consult when the parenting waters get murky?

Disclaimer: we were sent Nina’s electronic book for the purpose of this review but the opinions expressed in this post are entirely our own.

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