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The evolution of toys through time

House of Fraser - Toys through time (FINAL)


House of Fraser released this Christmas a beautiful infographic showing how some of the most popular toys have evolved over the course of the past 50 years.

I have found the facts in it fascinating, from Barbie having had over 150 careers in her existence (and sadly, a body makeover that has distanced it from reality!) to the evolution of the Nerf guns style and size to a set of collectible Hot Wheels selling for over $6,000 on eBay!

The fact that so many toys have remained popular and evolved through the ages proves that once a good toy builds a reputation, its name alone has the potential to carry it through generations.

To me, this infographic also proved a love affair that continues through generations and the fact that most parents will continue to buy popular brands for the sake of fond childhood memories.

Do take a look yourself at the infographic and let me know what of the many facts included startled or impressed you, will you?

Disclaimer: we were compensated to include the infographic in this post but all opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. My children received a lot of Lego duplo for Christmas and they love it, much to Daddy’s pleasure as we have an attic full of his Lego that he is waiting until they are old enough before he gets it down to play with it with them. I have never been into Barbie’s, although growing up we had lots of baby dolls and I remember receiving a doll larger then me for my birthday when I was younger. And growing up in a household of 3 girls we didn’t really have cars or guns. Although having grown up in the Countryside with nothing for miles my fondest memories relating to play are either role play activities with my sibling’s, such as playing mummies and daddies, shop keepers ect, or playing outside on bikes, scooters, muddy cow pat walks and making mud pies! Not all toys need to be bought.

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