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Tips on surviving Blue Monday

Blue Monday seems to be a popular theme today with articles published in the Telegraph and rumours in the Metro that Tesco is going to hand out fruit to improve the mood of its customers so I decided to do a take on the subject too.

The not-so-scientific studies that lead to naming this particular Monday as the bluest in the whole year take into consideration the lack of good weather and the level of financial difficulty people find themselves mid-January, with bills pilling up and very little natural light to lift our mood.

How do you make yourself feel better then? By working with your senses to create a holistic sense of well being for yourself, if you ask me!

  1. Sense of smell

We all know that certain smells lead to certain moods so do remember the ones that make you feel better and use them in the house.

Both hubby and I love coffee and there is nothing like the smell of freshly ground, good quality coffee to lift your mood on a Monday morning.

We usually grind our own beans with an electric grinder but recently, we were sent a lovely hand grinder to review and working out for your own pleasure, is, especially on a dull Monday morning, if not exhilarating at least perspective shifting 🙂


2. Sense of sight

The same company that sent us the coffee grinder did offer us the opportunity to review their aromatherapy diffuser as well.  I have been trying for ages to get Alex light therapy for SAD but those lamps don’t come in cheap so I thought this alternative could do the trick for us.

I bought three different water soluble essential oils which are deemed to not only uplift or calm you but also purify the air in the room.

The diffuser comes with two buttons, one for setting the lights and the other the frequency of the aromatherapy spray.

Emma loved it from the moment she saw it in our room, probably because of the changing, calming lights which can work well as a night light so now I will have to order a second one for our bedroom as she has taken possession over ours!


3. Sense of taste

In this month’s edition, the UK edition of the Cosmopolitan recommends eating things that do us good like dark chocolate, spinach, mackerel and bananas. I would add to that a small dose of whatever  makes your heart sing! It would do no great harm to your waistline but a whole world of good to your mind and soul!

And yes, that can and should include cake!


4. Sense of hearing

It doesn’t have to include the purchase of your favourite artist’s new album. Simply blast your iPad with movement inducing YouTube tunes or, if you are an anxious person like me, some relaxation sound clips, to encourage your heart rate to settle to normal levels. The secret here is to do what feels good FOR YOU and not worry too much about your two left feet or falling asleep while listening to those calming tunes.

5. Sense of touch

In The 5 Love Languages, touch is deemed to be one of the ways to show love to your partner. Although this is definitely not one of my love languages, and it may not be yours either, you can still pamper your sense of touch by indulging in a massage, a cuddly blanket or a soft cardigan.


So, here it is, my take on the Blue Monday. Now, please excuse me, as I head downstairs to brew myself another cup of aromatic, hand-ground coffee, will you?

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  1. Innocent Charms Chats says

    Sounds like great cures, I think in all basically look after what makes you happy and I do agree with that xx

  2. Great tips here lovely, i’m certainly feeling the blues today and the cold weather isn’t helping. I find snuggling on the sofa under some blankets in front of the fire always improves my mood. I have a Lumie Bodyclock as well which sits on my bedside cabinet and wakes you up in the morning with gentle lights and music. xx

  3. TheLondonMum says

    I definitely made myself feel better leaving the house and buying a few household goodies. Blue monday is obviously expensive for me lol x

  4. I find listening to music usually lifts my mood, that and chocolate in front of our open fire! The aromatherapy diffuser looks lovely, I love a nice smelling room and have several of the plug in ones but like the idea of the light. My little girl has several colour changing lights in her bedroom that she turns on at bedtime and they help her to go to sleep, that and nursery rhymes playing quietly.

  5. What fab tips. If I am blue then a good book, some music and a snuggle under a blanket often help me feel better. I also diffuse oils on a regular basis

  6. Angela Milnes says

    I think one thing that I do to cheer myself up when feeling blue is buy nice stationary and write or draw in a journal. It helps me to feel good. Great tips though! Angela x

  7. I have a light box that helps with the gloomy weather, but I can’t say I noticed yesterday being any gloomier! Maybe because I had a pretty rotten weekend anyway, hopefully it’s uphill for us all from now on!

  8. londonbirdlucy says

    lol I like your style, it makes sense to enjoy and appreciate all the things that make us feel happy and in a good mood. I like you’ve used all the senses too. My go to mood lifter is music, nothing else compares to that.
    Honestly my Blue Monday was so bad, I managed to get a lot done. Lovely post thank you x

  9. It’s the cake what would always brighten any day up for me, who doesn’t love a good slab of cake on a Monday! Brillant post. #Love2Blog

  10. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I wondered why our local Tesco was giving out fruit yesterday!

    Blue Monday is something that always seems to pass me by but I can understand why people might feel down – it’s the last Monday before payday and lots of people will no doubt be counting down the days to that.

    Is it too late for some of that cake 😉

  11. I headed outside for blue Monday- nothing beats wind in your hair and the sound of waves crashing on the shore!

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