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Brave New Dreams


Once in a while, the subject of locational change comes into conversation in our household. As you may know, we are a Greek and a Romanian who have been living in Northern Ireland for the past 20, respectively 9 years, with a daughter born and bred here and a son in heaven.

Although we were both raised in countries where summers can be really hot, it is only Alex who misses that aspect. But he misses it so much that he would move back to Greece in a heartbeat, he says. Me…I am not so sure.

For starters, Greece is not my home country so the heart connections with the place are simply not there. There are also aspects that really put me off moving to Greece. There is Emma’s education in English and her being rewarded with a good work place here on account of her local education, a thing that never happened for me, since my degree was obtained in Romania. There is also the serious issue of a suitable occupation for me, not to mention social relationships in a country where all I can ask in the native language is parsley and fish at the local market! I am also aware and can get really distressed over the general attitude towards work in Greece and the permanent partying mode, which is not something I want my child to accept as norm. Life is not only work, it is true, but to fantasise all day about getting out there and having a good time cannot be a healthy thing either.

To date, we have not found a solution which can work satisfactorily for both. Well, except for moving to a place which would meet both the warm weather and the work prospective, that is!

In 2009, when I was only pregnant a couple of months with Emma, we travelled to Australia for a week of travelling and work.

I was left with a deep, deep admiration for the place and the Australians. I loved Sydney, as for all its financial district’s impressive suits, the mood in town was still laid back and friendly and very much family oriented.

I loved the fact that the beach is never far away and you can always go for a dip after work, just like in Greece, but that people still seemed to enjoy working their normal hours and I never heard anyone grumbling about their work load, like they always do in Greece!

Partying is also common occurrence, with families barbecuing and having a good time everywhere, in special and well organised camping spaces but not once making an absolute mess of the place or being loud to the point of chasing their neighbours away.

I loved Australia’s vastness and wilderness; its unusual animals and its friendly folk. Its distance now from all the European power re-shifting and the very worrying threat of an extremist Islamic State make it even more appealing as a place of peaceful residence.

If we moved there, I would not have to worry about Emma and her education, nor her future work prospective.

Although I loved Sydney and I could not fault it, I wouldn’t say no to moving to any of the big cities in Australia, be it Melbourne, Canberra, or Perth.

Although the crisis that crippled the UK financially and lead to the collapse in the housing market a few years back never occurred in Australia, housing is still much more affordable there than here. With houses for sale in Perth starting at 225,000 AUD (£108,494), the dream of a beautiful, brand new, four-bedroom, two-bathroom detached home beckons me strongly towards that side of the world.


Would you consider relocating to Australia? Which would be the deal makers and breakers for you?

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  1. I wouldn’t consider it, although I understand why people do. I am just too much of a homebody and family-orientated, I think, wouldn’t want to leave anyone behind!

  2. I wouldn’t consider it for a moment to be honest, but then I have seen how a loved family member emigrating can hurt a family. Moving within Europe I think is fine because the travel distances aren’t that long, but when it takes thousands of pounds and 24 hours of travel to see loved ones that’s too much. That said I could be tempted away for a year or two, but I wouldn’t want a permanent move.

  3. I am not sure if I could move abroad If I am honest with you. It’s a BIG step! Every country is so different with life and laws. I give you best of luck to whatever you decide

  4. Oh my god!! I love that house, and only £108,000! I could buy a mansion over there for sure! I would definitely move, the only thing is my family. I would want to take them all with me!

  5. My husband and I have always said that if we ever won the lottery (enough to live on for the rest of our lives) that we’d move to Greece. But we have considered for a long time the possibility of moving to either Australia or New Zealand. My husband is not so keen on Australia due to the spiders and snakes, however he is very keen on the idea of New Zealand. My cousin and his wife moved there several years ago and they absolutely love it, they both have good jobs, a nice house and a much better, affordable quality of life. I love the fact that they have such an outdoor lifestyle, something that the weather here often limits. The only thing that is really stopping us at the moment is family, my father in law has a heart condition and my husband couldn’t leave him as no one really knows how much longer he has.

    • I know, Helen, although we live away from our families at the moment, we are still withing reach so to say and a move so far away would mean not seeing them for years and maybe them not having us close when they get sick…etc. But maybe when Emma is older and our parents will be gone we will attempt it, life is so beautiful and calm on that side of the world!xx

  6. Many, many years ago we entertained the idea of relocating to Australia, seduced by the sunshine! However the reality is that we’d find such a big move too hard, leaving family behind plus I love England and its culture. I just wish it was more sunny here!

  7. I totally see your appeal for the lifestyle over there with the houses and just general standard of living. It’s not something I would consider now but not something I would right off for the future!

  8. Mini’s best friend from school moved to Perth two years ago and they said it was the best thing they ever did. I would quite happily move for more sunshine!

  9. Oh i would love to go to australia! If i wasn’t such a home bird i’d definitely move there, i know a lot of people who have moved over there and love it. That house looks so nice as well! Can’t believe how cheap it is compared to over here in the UK! x

  10. Moving to Australia or New Zealand has always been a dream for me. Hubby’s company has just been taken over by an Australian one…….you never know, it might happen one day

  11. BloggerMummyLauren says

    For some reason I’ve never really fancied Australia, I think it’s the idea of all of the spiders and things, I’m not sure I could cope. I relocated from England to Northern Ireland 6 years ago, and that was a big enough move for me! I miss my hometown like mad and it’s only an hour away on the plane!
    I guess the lifestyle does have a nice appeal, love the idea of having family bbqs and being able to have a little swim after work, if only we had the weather for that over here!

  12. I’m not sure I could move all the way to Australia, although I think the lifestyle you could have out there would be amazing.

    My mum moved to NZ and lived there for 7 years, she is back in the UK now as she felt it was too far away from her family.

  13. Oana, what a very lovely post. I can see how you and your partner are split between where to live. I have been to Australia and lived there for 3 months travelling, Brisbane and Melbourne. Beautiful country, great work ethic, lots of sun, couldn’t fault it. I wouldn’t say no to moving to Australia depending. But in reality I am happy here for now close to my family, with support and my friends etc. That would be one of my reasons not to relocate… the life we have built here. x

  14. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I don’t think I could do it forever but a year or two would be a great experience for us all x

  15. pigeonpairandme says

    I’d find it difficult to be that far away from everything and everyone I love in the UK, but Australia is certainly somewhere that beckons. My other half was born there and so has dual nationality, so we could move fairly easily. Having said that, I’ve never been, so I’d need to visit once at least before we made any decisions! Good luck with your own plans.

  16. My sister in law lived in Australia for 2 years, but it has never appealed to me. I don’t mind not living in a hot country, but I totally get why you guys want the warm weather! xx

  17. Well when you put it like that.. yes it does really appeal to me moving over there only I am not sure i could cope with the thought of snakes and spiders! Ridiculous I know but thats my first thoughts when I think of Australia x

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