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If you read my blog regularly, you know that last year, Trespass invited us to work with them as ambassadors and I got to enjoy their great walking boots.

This time, they asked me to pick a winter jacket and since I had several long ones, I went for Release Women’s Padded Casual Jacket, a shorter one, perfect for school runs and crisp winter days.


I took my time choosing it as although I wanted a lighter jacket, I still needed it to be able to keep the heat in on blustery days but not overheat me when going into shops in  a rush to grab a pint of milk or bread for the morning.

Using coldheat insulation, the Release prevents your body heat from escaping and locks it between the surface and interior where it can be used to stream you warmth without the need of warmer external temperatures, so it was exactly what I was looking for.

As soon as it arrived, I loved the soft shelling and the weightless feel and couldn’t wait to try it out. I took it for a test drive the very same day, even if it was pouring and it did serve me very well.

I love its bright colour as well and the fact that you can wear numerous accessories with it, making it into a timeless piece for your wardrobe.

Since it is short and light to wear, I will continue to use mine well into the spring. The jacket has been discounted meanwhile to half price so if you like the sound of it, do head over and grab a bargain, as bargain it is, at only £42.99!

I was so pleased with it that when I saw Trespass were heavily discounting children’s winter coats a few weeks afterwards, I did rush to buy Emma one as well, for next winter!


Emma didn’t have to wait a whole year to put it to good use, last week, when we had close to zero temperatures and snow, the coat did prove warm and excellent for cold and wet weather conditions. The hood is a great size as well and offers additional protection when most needed, making the coat an excellent purchase!

Do check out the Trespass website for their back to school range, their Mary Jane black school shoes are down to £9.99 and all the waterproof children’s jackets are down to half price or more!

We are two thirds a Trespass family now, it is only Alex that remains in need to be kitted out! I do have a strong feeling he will be drawn to their ski range, as he is planning skiing when in Greece this February. Do check our Instagram feed closer to the time for updates :-).

Disclosure: I was sent the Release Women’s Padded Casual Jacket to review but all opinions expressed are entirely my own and truthful.

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  1. pennyalexander says

    I always struggle to find coats that are warm enough outside but not like wearing a heavy radiator indoors!

  2. We love Trespass jackets here too. I’ve recently ordered one for my eldest daughter in fact – they’re a good price while being weather-proof too. The Release jacket looks great.

  3. I love Trespass coats and love the colour of Emma’s new coat. They do some fab designs don’t they

  4. Trespass have some great clothes for everyday outdoor living as well as sports like cycling. I’ve tried lots of their stuff and it always represents good value for money.

  5. nessjibberjabberuk says

    I’m off to stock up for the kids for next winter! I do like to plan ahead!

  6. pigeonpairandme says

    Those jackets certainly do look very snuggly and warm! And a good tip about looking in the sales for kids’ jackets – we really should do that for next year.

  7. I’ve never had any trespass products but love the look of the pink jacket such a fab color. I’ll have to have a look as I need a new everyday jacket.

  8. lifewithmunchers says

    You can’t beat a winter brand coat. The extra thermal layers they put in them are so worth the money.

  9. I have been looking at the trespass puddle suits for Rosalie. It’s good to see that they are recommended xx

  10. I love the look of that light blue coat. How warm does it look!! I like the fact it is longer, so if your sitting down outside it covers your bum and your bum wont get cold.

  11. I adore the Trespass range and did look at items in the sale this year also.
    My Husband has lots of trespass gear and so it is time we joined him. Love the style amd colors you have chosen x

  12. Love the colour of your coat. I always struggle to find ones warm enough that actually look nice. I like tbe fact that the blue one is long x

  13. londonbirdlucy says

    Fabulous, their jackets do look fantastic, excellent quality and well made with so many great stylish. Both you and daughters are almost matching now how sweet.

  14. I love trespass coats they are such great quality for really good prices! I spend far more on a non water proof coat from the high street and then never wear it! xxx

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