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These boots are made for walking. A TRESPASS review

I have been fantasing about a pair of walking boots forever.

Even more so from the beginning of this year, when we started exploring more of our beautiful Northern Ireland, I have felt the need of a pair of supportive, reliable and sturdy boots that will make the adventure of discovery a pleasure.

I finally found the absolutely perfect pair when I was asked to review the lovely Ridgeway Women Technical Boots by Trespass.

They are exactly what the website describes them to be:

“… a fantastic choice for budding adventurers and avid explorers.

I put them to test last week, when we went exploring the North Coast and had to walk for a good few hours over all sorts of terrain, from muddy to pebbly to hilly to inclined.


DSC_0289“The boots benefit from a suede and mesh upper section, which is great at helping keep your feet fresh as it promotes the diffusion of air.

Additionally, the boots help to keep your feet free from dampness thanks to our Tres-tex technology, which repels away unwanted moisture.

Further, they benefit from Vibram soles, which are very durable and hard-wearing, meaning the boots can withstand various amounts of tough terrain whilst maintaining a good grip, so you can keep your balance.”

My Ridgeway boots definitely made climbing steep hills easier because of the very good grip they provide. I had never owned a pair of walking boots again and would have always ended up exhausted during a long walk, as my legs and feet would have had to work double to maintain my balance. It didn’t happen this time. Not only that, I actually ended up enjoying the sightseeing instead of always watching the terrain and worrying about a possible slip or fall!

DSC_0236I would warmly recommend you all, budding adventurers like us, to equip yourselves with a good pair of walking boots before heading out for an adventure. It makes all the difference, indeed!

Our next step will be to equip both Alex and Emma with their own pair, as I walk them as well to walk comfortably when out and about and never worry about accidents.

Disclosure: I was sent the Ridgeway women’s boots to review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and I have received no financial compensation in order to write this post.

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