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Kitchen Trotter – A Review

I have always had this desire to learn about new cultures, places and countries and this includes learning about their food as well. Emma has inherited my love of discovery so when we were offered the chance to review the new Kitchen Trotter cooking kits and learn more about Indonesia, I knew it would be something we would both enjoy.

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The cooking kits by Kitchen Trotter are unique in their concept: they offer a culinary world tour in a box. With authentic products, carefully selected and sourced, the box delivers an explosion of fresh and novel tastes, each month different and enticing!

Although the boxes are primarily designed for the foodie and the connoisseur, I found out that they are perfect as an introduction to new tastes for small children too. Tonight, Emma and I decided to cook a noodle dish from the booklet that accompanies the box and it has been a very pleasant experience for both of us. Not only the bonding and the spending time together but also the chance to sniff, taste and chat about various ingredients that make Indonesian cuisine unique.


The booklet I mentioned above contains five recipes, a starter, three main courses and a desert in which you can use the amazing products in the box but there is plenty more left once you have used up the recipes so you can do your own research and find more about the respective cuisine and try even more new recipes.

We loved the Indonesian cuisine as presented by the Kitchen Trotter box as it is flavoursome and mild. We weren’t very sure about the fish paste that goes into everything but we were happy to give it a try and adjust the quantities to our palate. The dishes we produced so far are well balanced, with plenty of veggies and meat we all like and we look forward to try the rest of the recipes, especially the sweet one!

Would we subscribe to the Kitchen Trotter?

Yes, the unique culinary experiences they offer are definitely worth it, especially when your child is eager to learn about new places and cultures. There is no better introduction to a place than through its food, in my opinion!

The only niggle I have with the box is its price. Although I totally understand the fact that the sourcing and import of the products cannot come cheap, I still think £29.99 per month would be out of our budget at the moment. For us as a family with only one income at the moment, I would say the occasional box, every three to four months would be more suitable.

Disclosure: we have received a Kitchen Trotter box for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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  1. Oh what a fab box! I love the idea of being able to buy a box full of culinary delights to discover from somewhere far flung across the world. Great price for the quantity of products too!

  2. Wow the box really is expensive isn’t it – that’s almost half our week’s shopping budget!
    My eldest is really enjoying learning to cook with his Daddy at the moment, it’s such a lovely thing to watch them do together.

  3. I’m really excited to receive my first box soon – can’t wait to see if it’s the Indonesian one or another cuisine! I agree with you on the price too, I recently tried the Carnivore Club box and it was my qualm too… would be a nice treat every couple of months but not affordable every month!

  4. This is such a great idea but again the price would put me off a little. Your daughter looks so proud to be cooking x

  5. I love the idea of this. We love cooking lots of different things so this would be perfect. What a lovely way to try food from around the world.

  6. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I love the idea of this but I agree that at that price it’s probably more of a treat thing that a regular thing for us.

  7. we did a whole week last year trying foods from around the world, it was a great learning experience. this box sounds ace although I agree that the price might be a little high for a monthly thing

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