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My Slimpod Journey

In January, I wrote about realistic plans and tools for getting fitter this year and I included two revolutionary (in my view) products: the Polar Loop 2 and the Slimpod Gold.


I have found both products nothing short of amazing in the past month, as they both continued to motivate my weight loss and promote my self-esteem. If you have been on any weight loss program, as I have been previously so many times, you know that motivation starts to wane around week two, as deprivation of nutrition kicks in.

These two act totally different to a weight loss program as the accent with both is on movement and choices, rather than depriving yourself of food.

My Polar Loop 2 keeps me in check daily. I find myself consciously moving more as I am eager to clock in the 12,000 steps I need to be doing each day. I have felt an incredible sense of pride last night when I checked my activity tracker charts and saw that in the past two weeks I have not only achieved but exceeded the recommended daily exercise dose.

The Slimpod works perfectly alongside the Polar Loop. The 10 minutes of gentle encouraging and empowering listening at the end of each day set me mentally for the following day. I have been really surprised to find out how important it is to me to be told every night, in a gentle and reassuring voice, that I can choose better, that every step I take towards my goal is progress, that the goal is withing reach and achievable. I have also seen that not listening to the pods for an evening or more sets me back and draws me to old habits of inactivity and binge eating, so I now make it a point to take those 10 minutes for myself each night, before going to bed.

This has led me to question so many things in my life and realise that encouragement is needed at any age and makes such a difference. I am very interested now in finding similar programs or CDs which encourage self-esteem and well-being as I have come to see the value of them.

Next month I will have a Slimpod to give away to a lucky reader so if reading my post has found you wanting to change too, do drop by around the 23rd of March to enter the giveaway.

Oh, and I know the point of any such programs is results but I have refused to weigh myself since I started. I know that I have lost weight as both my sisters in law remarked on it when we were in Greece last week so I think I am on the right path with this :-).


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  1. Glad to hear it is working for you. I went to put mine on again and can’t find the download – i need to get bikini ready for the summer

  2. I am always really wary of these kind of weight loss products so it is great to read reviews like this and see they are really working. Hope it continues to do great stuff for you!

  3. Really interesting. I am glad to see you are getting results. I am working on meditations at the moment and they are really helping

  4. Oh I love the sound of this. I have cut out all snacks and puddings and trying to eat soup as much as possible. I have such week will power though I’m worried about how long I can keep it up so this sounds great!

  5. Well done on your weight loss. Positivity makes such a difference to how we tackle things. Sounds like you’ve found a perfect gizmo combo to help you

  6. Aww it’s so nice to find something that works! And I always think getting compliments about other people is definitely a good indicator of success x

  7. lifewithmunchers says

    So happy for you that you’ve found something that is working for you!

  8. Steph says

    I think many people get hung up on the number on the scales – being happier in your skin is the real worth. Best of luck with your journey x

  9. I’m the complete opposite I have to weigh myself nearly daily lol I’m not actively trying to lose weight but I lost weight without trying which is great.

  10. I’ll be looking at ways of losing weight after baby number 2 is born. I’ll probably re join weight watchers as that’s worked really well for me in the past! xx

  11. I agree this sounds very different to other weight loss methods. But I can totally see this working… what a great concept. Good luck with your continuing mission 🙂 x

  12. good to see something that works, you often hear these stories but nice to see one thats working.

  13. I’ve never heard of the Polar Loop – and now I want to try one too! I count the steps on my school run but if someone talks to me, I’m lost again! Haha. I don’t have scales either in my house, I’d be on and off like a yoyo.

  14. Interested to try the polar loop as I’m always keen to do more steps in a day. I’m not sure the slim pod would work for me though as I think I’d just get the giggles!!

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