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Tuck n’ Snug for a Better Night’s Sleep

tuck n snug

Emma is a great sleeper and once asleep, she stays put until the morning. But she is a great bed wriggler too which means that many times, her duvet ends up all crammed in a bed corner and she would sleep without a cover over over for hours!

When I learned about the Tuck n’ Snug covers, I immediately emailed the lovely PR team and asked if we could review, as I wanted to see if these special duvet and pillow covers would make a difference to Emma’s quality of sleep.

The concept is simple yet very efficient: to a normal duvet cover strips of fabric have been attached on the sides and to its bottom bit so they can be tucked under the mattress. The strips secure the duvet in place, making incidents like we have every night with a normal cover impossible. This is not to say that the cover does not allow for plenty of room to wriggle in bed, as there is still plenty of opportunity for that!


What did we think of it?

I loved the concept, as I can now sleep peacefully at night, knowing I do not have to check on Emma and her covers. I appreciate that the fabric is soft cotton, allowing the body to breathe and absorbing sweat if the child overheats. I am not too bothered by the extra flaps as I can dry the whole lot on the line outside on a dry, sunny day.

All in all, as a mum of a night wriggler, I would recommend it warmly as an efficient and safe way to keep your child warm and tucked in all night.

The sets retail at £39.99, come in two cute models, kitty or doggy, to suit both boys’ and girls’ bedrooms and in two sizes, single bed and toddler bed.

Disclosure: we were sent the set for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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  1. This is a great idea and perfect for little ones. I have a very wriggly 7 year old who still now calls me when his covers are on the floor!

  2. more4mums says

    This is a great idea ! We ended up buying our daughter a double duvet for her single bed so it wouldn’t fall off but this is a much better idea.

  3. What a great idea for kids! My son always used to love it when I made him an ‘apple pie bed’ which is a similar concept, but tucking your sheets in such a way that you can’t get out easily! They love to be cosy at night don’t they?

  4. Izzie Anderton says

    What a fabulous concept! Happy to hear that Emma slept soundly and didn’t manage to wriggle out of her covers x

  5. What a fab idea when Blake is older moves onto his toddler bed I’ll have to invest in one we use sleeping bags at the moment on his cot as he always kicked blankets off.

  6. Muslim Mummy says

    This is a fab idea! Something that would come in handy as my 2 girls are wrigglers too!

  7. My two are both terrible wrigglers! I think my son would like another design though as he does like his characters.

  8. Syd has a total aversion to covers – I can just about get him to keep a light blanket on, so generally send him ti bed in layers of clothes on cold nights! I wonder if this would help, or seeing as he is normally still awake when he throws the covers off, whether he would find it restricting – might be worth a try!

  9. This looks like a fab product! Lamb is always really hot (even when perfectly healthy) so losing his covers doesn’t seem to bother him, but I imagine as he gets older this would be useful for him x

  10. I have heard about these! I think it sounds like such a fab idea, i’m always worrying my 2yo is cold in the night and she wiggles about so much! xo

  11. That is an amazing idea, I have two very wriggly little ones and they are forever kicking off blankets and I find them sprawled out in the morning totally uncovered. Great solution!

  12. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops says

    These look great, we have something similar from The Gro Company, and it’s really helped my daughter who just constantly moves about in her sleep!

  13. I think this is a great concept. When my boys were younger we had ones from the gro company with zips on and they were great for transitioning from a cot and a gro bag to a bed.

  14. What a great idea – for little ones and for greedy husbands that steal the duvet! To be fair it’s normally me that does that. POD is forever putting one leg out of the bed though so this would probably be great for her x

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