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Alternative Easter Presents for Children

Every year, the week preceding Easter and the one following it, my Instagram and Facebook feeds fill up with pictures of eggs. I am not talking beautifully decorated chicken eggs here, but chocolate eggs, mountains and mountains of them! Children stocking them up, little ones getting all hyped up with an overload of sugar in the system on the big day…etc…etc.

This year Emma is more aware of the implications that excess sugar consumption can have on her brand new “grown-up” teeth and she has asked for only one white chocolate bunny for Easter!

I have decided to include here some of the things she is loving at the moment, so that, if your child presents you with the same sort of request, you can hopefully find some inspiration in this post.

First of all, her Little Passports World Edition subscription.

Emma has been receiving this as a gifted subscription from November and totally loves it! She is so impressed with it that she even brought it into school for Show and Tell and told her friends all about the interesting countries that she has been learning every month!


The initial blue box, looking like a tiny suitcase, comes with a world map, a passport and an introduction to the two main characters, Sam and Sophia. They start this amazing adventure around the world from their auntie’s garage, with the help of a magic scooter and they will accompany the children on every adventure.

The subsequent envelopes come with fact sheets on the new country, a stamp for the passport, a postcard with some sort of emblem representative of the respective country,  an activity sheet and a small souvenir in the form of a toy.

So far, we have had Japan, Brazil and France and we look forward to this month’s envelope arriving in the post, as we will get to learn about Egypt.

What do I think about the subscription myself?

I was initially a bit disappointed in the contents, as the envelopes are pretty slim, compared to other activity boxes we know of. But seeing Emma’s look of delight every month and seeing her absorb the information so easily, makes me thing that the boxes are designed well, very child friendly and in consequence, worth the expense (£12.95 per ongoing month to month subscription).

Agi Bagi Toys and Games

Their DVDs and app are a good alternative to an Easter egg for smaller children, aged 2-5. The lovely team sent us a lovely bundle of goodies, as you can see in our Instagram picture below, even if Emma is a bit older than their bracket age:

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Agi Bagi goody bag #review #blogger

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The characters are cute and the animation safe to watch for small children, as is their newly released app, The Meadow Flyer:

As I said, Emma found the app a bit young for her but she has loved the top she received as well as playing with Zeebee, the soft toy. Personally, I would like to see the clothing range available in GBP currency, as some of their items are truly cute (sizes available up to 5-6 currently).


Randomise Cards

A good old fashion card game that gets all the family involved and looking ridiculous will always make a great gift, right :-)? Randomise has come up with this “mash-up of classic games like Charades, Articulate and Pictionary”, a hilarious game in which the participants either draw, act or describe what they drew on the card. This game will keep Emma and actually, the whole family, entertained over Easter and since it can fit into a bag easily, it will bring giggles in France too, when we go to visit my brother during the holidays!

The game is priced at £9.99 and sells at the moment on Amazon.

What other non-chocolate gift ideas do you have for your children this Easter?

Disclosure: we were sent the items mentioned above, a three-month subscription to Little Passports, the Agi Bagi goody bag and the Randomise game for the purpose of this review post. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.


  1. Angela Milnes says

    I think alternative gifts are great as I don’t like giving Sylvia too much chocolate. I have seen the little passports brand and it looks interesting. I’m sure my daughter would love that!

  2. I may be 23, but I want Little Passports! That is so adorable! I must find a child (myself) to buy it for now 🙂

  3. We actually we supposed to be reviewing little passports but nothing ever arrived. That’s another story. Gutted because it does look like fun. I love alternate gifts for easter. My kids get eggs bought by the family so we always buy something different!

  4. A fab selection of alternative gifts. I love the idea of the little passports subscription box would be great for when Blake is older.

  5. Oh my goodness I absolutely love the Little Passports set! What a fab idea. I’m so keen to teach my daughter about loads of different countries, and hopefully live abroad, when she’s older so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing ☺️ #love2blog

  6. What great ideas. I always try to avoid chocolate at Easter as much as possible. One egg is ok but one year my family went overboard and bought my children a ridiculous amount of chocolate. Since then, we’ve done one special Easter gift instead.

  7. Now this is cute. I dont buy my nieces and nephews Easter eggs, they all get something sensible like a book x

  8. The little passports looks so good! Such a fantastic way to teach them about other countries and cultures. I will definitely be looking into getting these for my son

  9. We find it hard to resist the pyjama section in Primark at the best of times so Miriam is looking forward to getting new pyjamas at Easter. I bought my eldest a giant jar of Nutella chocolate spread as a special treat instead of the cheaper “own brand” variety that she normally gets.

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