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Sport Relief: Helping as a blogger through Team Honk

I love the idea behind Sport Relief and I know the impact the money is raised every single year has on human lives, both home and abroad.

I have known of Team Honk, an amazing group of bloggers who stop at nothing in their attempt to raise as much money as possible for charity, for a few years.


They have done some amazing things since they started, from climbing Snowdon in 2014 to relaying the length of England in 2015 and dance marathoning at Wembley last year.

So, what’s a blogger to do when she lives in Northern Ireland and cannot join the team this year in their dash around the London subway, trying to establish a new world record?

She is to do her bit from home, of course, and raise awareness about this year’s Sport Relief efforts by putting together this post! In return,  Wayfair who has challenged me to come up with ways to raise money for Team Honk for Sport Relief from home, will donate £100 into Team Honk’s page.

This money will go to support self-advocacy organisations who support adults with learning disabilities to become independent and enjoy their lives to the full; it will help local hospices and provide respite or end of life care to families in need. It will make such a difference and I am proud to be a blogger and be able to support with my writing so many wonderful causes!

So tonight, Emma and I will don our pajamas and watch the Sport Relief show over pizza and popcorn. Tomorrow, Alex will return from Greece after a week of absence and we will rope him into purchasing some of our homemade banana bread. The money will be donated by Emma to Sport Relief so that she learns, from when she is young, that support is always possible and within one’s means, even when it means a few pounds!

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  1. I did the dash around London’s subway! Thank you so moocher your support, I think everyone can do their bit and it’s just as valuable to raise awareness through your keyboard.

    Lots of luck to the folks doing crazy things this weekend x

  2. Every penny counts as they say, my children both did sponsored runs at school yesterday, every year Team Honk do amazing things and the money is so needed, good luck Team Honk.

  3. A great way to help from where you are, enjoy your pizza night and well done on a lovely post to advertise all the good work going on. I’ve only managed to donate a little this year so I’m feeling rather guilty for not actively doing more. Such a great way for bloggers to unite.

  4. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    Team Honk are just awesome – I haven’t been able to do much this year as my Dad’s been taken into hospital but next year I’m on it 😉

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