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Our French holiday

We spent Emma’s half term break in Greece seeing Alex’s family but Emma was sick the whole time we were there so  it is fair to say that that “holiday” was filed under “disastrous.”

My brother and his family have been living in France for the past two years and we had visited last year and had a great time. We had been toying with the idea of visiting them again but the flights were expensive so we had sort of parked that idea… Until one Sunday, a couple of weeks before Easter, when we just decided to have a last look. To our surprise, the flights were much cheaper, as we were looking to travel AFTER Easter and the train from Paris to Limoges, close to where my brother lives, almost the same price as a trip within Paris!

We decided to book on a spur of a moment thing, as the whole trip, flights and all, were coming up at less than £350 for the three of us!

We visited with them last week and returned on Tuesday and despite an impromptu train strike upon arrival and having to find our way around five different train trips, instead of just two, we had a great time!

We had time to admire, once again, the architecture in the old town of Limoges and have a leisurely breakfast on our first morning in France, before heading to meet my brother:


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Old town, Limoges.

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We enjoyed my brother and sister in law’s wonderful hospitality, cooking and loving care.

And most importantly, we created memories with them and my beautiful niece and raved over the beautiful relationship Emma and Laura have, despite not speaking the same language and having three years of difference between them.


We also spent time outside, discovering the lovely region of Limousin and the beautiful weather:

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Blue skies

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It has been good to see them during what is now such an difficult emotional time for us, Georgie was diagnosed two years ago, one week after Easter and the spring holidays are now filled with dread for me, not celebration. Being with my brother’s family offset some of those negative emotions, made us feel like we belong somewhere and gave us hope for the future and for real joy back into our lives.

We have thanked them many times for their wonderful hospitality but wanted to do it once again and publicly. It has been such a pleasure to spend time together and I truly hope we can see you all again very, very soon!


  1. How lovely and all made sweeter when it’s such good value! I’m sure you’ll be doing last minute visits again especially as the girls get along so well. It’s amazing how children naturally communicate in so many ways other than the spoken language. Xx

  2. Oana I’m so glad that you had an enjoyable break away visiting family, especially after the disastrous visit to Greece that you were so looking forward to. I have only ever been to France on a school trip many years ago, your photos are lovely. It must be nice having family in so many different Countries but also hard not seeing them often, I am fortunate that my entire family live within a 2 hour drive from where we live. Except for my cousin and his family who live in New Zealand. You and Georgie have been in my thoughts more so recently as I know his anniversary is coming up in a few months time, it’s all the other painful memories in between that must also be so hard. Although such a very painful time I hope the memories of his beautiful smiles and gorgeous eyes bring you some happiness when you are feeling low xx

  3. Love having family living abroad, cheap visits he he. I hate taking just one train let alone 5. Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time x

  4. Great deal on the flights, it’s always worth keeping an eye on them. Little bargain. Never heard of Limoges, gonna head off and have a google now 🙂

  5. Sounds like you a well deserved fabulous holiday. Children don’t need language, they have the universal language of play. Glad you could spend time with your family when it was of most benefit.

  6. The photos are wonderful Some day I will make it to France. Reading this pushing that desire higher on my bucket list.

  7. Kerry Norris says

    That’s lovely that the break has made you think of happiness and postive times. The fact that it was 2 years ago must’ve been very difficult for you so surrounding yourself with family was a great idea. How lowly that the girls have s wonderful relationship even though they don’t speak the same language. This always amazes me how children all play together and language is never a barrier for them x

  8. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    What a bargain on the travel and how lovely that you had such a great time after your last trip.

    I’ve never visited Limoges but it looks beautiful x

  9. It has been years since I have been to France, I used to go a lot as a kid. It sounds as though you had a lovely time.

  10. I miss France. I went a few times as a teenager and it is so beautiful. We are hoping to take the girls next summer and drive over via the ferry for that extra adventure feeling 🙂

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