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Zootropolis, the new Disney movie


Emma has been very lucky this season as not only did she get to watch Zootropolis, the latest Disney movie, as soon as it was released, but she also received a whole bunch of beautiful toys, all through mummy’s blog!

We watched the movie as a family, shortly after Easter and we all came away with some real wisdom nuggets.

For Emma, the most important message was to believe in oneself and one’s dreams and never allow the society and other people’s limitations restrict what one can do. She loved officer Judy Hopps, the little bunny with a huge amount of courage, and she came away determined to make her own dream of becoming a scientist true! And speaking in a cute darn American accent as well :-).


For the grown ups, the movie was all about manipulation of our fears to the detriment of our fellow human beings. The movie cleverly analyses the way in which an isolated incident is used to create panic among the masses, justify discrimination and ultimately, serve the interests of a few scrupulous individuals, rather than the herds they pretended to represent. It did make us think almost automatically about the world’s current affairs and the way we have reacted to them sometimes as isolated groups rather than in harmony and support of each other. Disney does not disappoint in its subtle analysis of current affairs and shedding light on our human strengths and failures.

The movie sheds light, often in a humorous way, on other aspects of our society, like the sloth-paced speed in the public services.On how we accept things as givens and how bunnies get to give parking tickets although they are fully qualified police officers, based on the judgement of their size alone.

Other times, it confronts prejudices like “foxes are the rabbits’ natural enemy” and smashes them by creating the most unlikely police team.

The fast pace, the action packed plot and the presence of gruff police officers and a slim gazelle are all appealing, especially for the daddy viewers ;-).

All in all, Zootropolis is a great movie to watch as a family, with many lessons to be learned by young and old alike, so we wholeheartedly recommend it!

Have you watch Zootropolis yet? What were your impressions and opinions?

Disclosure: we were sent cinema tickets and all the beautiful Zootropolis merchandise for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are genuine and entirely our own, as usual on this blog.


  1. Ooh I’m glad you liked it! I have Zootropolis on the top of my movies to watch list this month πŸ™‚ x

  2. The trailer is indeed funny. I never thought sloths can have the impression to be real slow. It hasnt premiered in our country yet and i will definitely wait and watch it– with my boys.

  3. I live in the United States and here the movie is called Zootopia. I saw it at the theatre with my children and we liked it very much.

    • Yes, Trish, apparently there is a zoo in Europe with the name Zootopia so Disney had to change the name of the movie when it is played in European cinemas. Crazy, isn’t it?

  4. momknowsbest15 says

    My boys will love this movie. I am glad it appeals to adults too.

  5. Elizabeth O. says

    I love that Zootopia teaches both the kids and the adults lessons in life, that is rare in movies that are meant for kids. Looks like Emma received lots of treats! She’s very lucky indeed!

  6. I’ve heard so many good things about this film. I’m looking forward to seeing it but we tend to wait for Movies for Juniors so we’re not wasting a fortune if the youngest can’t sit still πŸ˜‰

  7. jaroflemons says

    I’ve actually really been wanting to see this move, and I don’t even have kids! Thanks for sharing!

  8. My niece is itching to go and see this, I think she will love it from the reviews I have read x

  9. Disney always seem to get their core messages across in such a simple and effective way. I cannot wait to see it

  10. I actually want to go see this despite being 27 years old! Im partial to a bit of Disney animation now and then!

  11. Amy Jones says

    I love that movie! It is super cute and great to watch with your family!

  12. Disney movies are so much favorite since my childhood & it is the same with my kids too. Zootropolis has been making news lately & the trailer looks great as well. My kids are going to be super excited to watch it.

  13. I keep hearing some really good things about this movie. The kids keep saying they have heard the sloth bit is really funny? I guess I should go and see it soon!

  14. Laura - Mummy Lala says

    I’m not usually a fan of anything Disney but this film sounds fab.

    Laura x

  15. I haven’t seen this film yet but keep hearing great things about it! I know me and the monkey would love it

  16. mskathykenny says

    My son and I plan on watching this. Hopefully I will be able to find time to do so with him. It’s a great way to make things up to him as I have been so busy with work.

  17. I’m desperate to see this film! Toby’s still too young for the cinema but I can definitely see a date night on the cards for Phil and I if I don’t go into labour before we get the chance xx

  18. I’m hearing so many good things about this film, it sounds amazing. I like cartoons that have a message for everyone and this sounds like the perfect story for us

  19. Kizzy Bass says

    I really want to go and watch this, maybe this weekend if the weather isn’t great

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