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What Emma Loved…in March

Emma got some beautiful toys and books to to play with and review recently and it is time we told you all about them!

First of all, as you know, she is in love at the moment with all things Zootropolis, she loved watching the movie and getting loads of merchandise from Disney Store, as we detailed in our last blog post. She loves them all but she has been having great fun with the Carrot recording pen, pretending to be Officer Hopps, down to a very heavy New York accent and all, hilarious!

Carrot Recorder

Alex splurged over Easter and got her also the Deluxe Figurine Set which has provided hours of role play fun already!


Talking of sets, Emma was the envy of her wee friends these Easter holidays with the latest My Little Pony set.

She loves watching My Little Pony on TinyPop and she had already in possession of the My Little Pony Pinky Pie’s Rainbow Helicopter.


The latest addition, My Little Pony Swan Playsetcan also play a little cheerful tune and proved very, very successful, not only with Emma, but with her little friends as well!

little pony boat

We took the set with us when we went out for lunch with friends and the four little girls at the table patiently took turns to get Pinkie Pie in and out on her rowing boots and play with her and her beautiful little boat. I spotted the set reduced in Tesco yesterday from £20 to £15 and I do recommend it for any My Little Pony fans!

As you well know, Emma loves books and she has been getting one every month now from Parragon, as part of their blogger book buddy program, but I slacked and forgot to tell you about them!

In January, Emma LOVED the Factactivity: Human Body Kit she received; with her daddy, they spent loads of quality time putting the skeleton together and learning about different body parts and functions.


The book is specially designed with small children with big inquisitive brains in mind. There are plenty of hands on activities to be done, like colouring in, drawing, quizzes and memory games.  Information is presented in a simple yet fun way for children to retain (The Gassy Guts Hotel proved a total hit, with Emma, I wonder why ;-)?). The book also helped Emma understand a bit more about Georgie’s leukaemia and we talked loads about red and white cells and platelets and how Georgie’s body wasn’t able to produce enough of the good cells to keep his body alive.

If you have a small child with a curious mind, like my Emma, who wants to learn more about the human body, I would totally recommend this activity set. Priced at £9.99, it is definitely worth every single penny!

This month, Parragon sent her two of their art therapy colouring books for children: the Disney Princess Art Therapy Colouring Book and the Disney Frozen Art Therapy Colouring Book.



My Emma is not very much into princess stuff and I was a bit apprehensive upon opening the parcel as I thought she will want to touch them. But since the books offer plenty of colouring activities, which Emma adores and can spend hours on, she took to them immediately and has had loads of great fun with them so far. They are currently sitting on her desk and she periodically goes back to them when she needs a calming and soothing activity.

I was aware of the popularity colouring books have gained recently amongst adults but I never thought intricate patterns could keep a young child focused like that, for absolute hours!

The books retail at £9.99 each and if your child loves colouring in and finds the activity soothing, then I do recommend them, they provide hours of quiet and beautiful creations at the end!

What toys or books have your children been into recently? What would your recommend and what would you tell others to avoid when it comes to kids’ entertainment?

Disclosure: Emma was sent the My Little Pony set and all the Parragon books mentioned for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely our own and truthful.


  1. I remember playing with My Little Pony when I was a child. I had the nursery and castle. It amazes me that it’s still going now x

  2. Such lovely items. I use to love playing with my little pony when I was little.
    The colouring books look fab I like the idea of the colouring books.

  3. Gemma says

    I absolutely love the look of the human body book, my kids would really enjoy that.
    I have a two and a four year old and they are both enjoying a lot of imaginary play right now. We have a till and play food and they just love pretending to be shop keepers. They also love reading and are actually getting quite into Roald Dahl, as well as the classic Mog books. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. My little pony are great at coming out with new things to keep the range alive. the colouring craze hasn’t taken off in our house but I feel like we may be missing out!

  5. Those colouring books look right up my street, haha! That my little pony swan playset looks so cute too, my daughter would love it. Thanks for sharing x

  6. I’d love to be able to get into he colouring books but they get me all frustrated lol. My little one would love the My Little Pony helicopter set, she’s mad about them!

  7. She had a lot of lovely items. Lucky girl. My daughter would love all of these except she seems scared of zootropolis at the mo. I’m hoping that’s something she’ll grow out of quickly as I’m desperate to watch it lol x

  8. Kate Tunstall, The Less-Refined Mind says

    I’m totally out of the loop with older children’s toys so it’s great to read some reviews of these!

  9. What a fabulous selection of toys and books for Emma. My two would have loved the My Little Pony Swan Playset when they were younger.

  10. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    Those colouring books look beautiful – in fact, I think I’d enjoy colouring them myself x

  11. What a lot of lovely things. My son is Zootropolis mad at the moment so I will have to look into the merchandise as he would love that!

  12. I love how my little pony is now popular again! I remember it from when I was tiny! I would like to get a colouring book for myself!

  13. What a great selection, sounds like she’s been having lots of fun! Poppy would love the My Little Pony and the skeleton – she enjoys Tiny Pop too and she’s always interested in body parts!

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