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Spring male fashion

My blog has brought in a few very nice items over the last couple of months, especially for Alex, for a change, so it is time I told you all about them.

If you remember, back in winter, he was gifted a winter coat by Scruffs. I wrote all about its practicality for work here, if you want to have a look.

Come spring, the lovely PR company working with Scruffs contacted us again and offered Alex one of their spring-summer lightweight work jackets.


Last time, he had remarked that the medium jacket was a bit loose as a cut so this time, I ordered a small, to fit him perfectly.

The jacket arrived within a few days and it was exactly what Alex had hoped for in a work jacket. The Pro Softshell is light, warm, waterproof and with reflective detailing which makes his work in the evening so much safer.

Although it is a work jacket it does look quite stylish and its trim is perfect, making working up ladders that tad bit easier.

The price (£49.95) reflects its quality and high finishing and it is quite reasonable for a great quality spring-summer work jacket which will last Alex a few good years.

Back in March and for Mother’s Day too (awww!), the lovely people at Samuel Windsor included Mama’s Haven into their Top 12 Magnificent Mums’ Blogs. They did not stop there with their kindness and got in touch shortly after to offer Alex a choice of shoes or boots from their beautiful and very extensive array of quality products.

Since it was still early spring, Alex decided to go for a pair of Prestige Kensington Boots, which are a classic pair that can be worn with both suits and semi-casual looks.

BV180 Side2

The boots arrived and they did certainly look the part: great quality Italian leather boots that according to Alex are very soft and comfortable to wear for the office. Not bad at all for £59.99!

Now that the weather improved and we have had such gorgeous days, I have been having a peek at their summer collection and was left impressed with the large choice of both casual and office footwear and their prices as well! (They currently run this offer, 2 pairs for £75, which would be perfect for upgrading any husband’s less that new looking spring shoe collection).

 Alex is a gym fanatic and uses quite a lot of t-shirts during the week for that purpose. I have come to hate the plastic ones he wears as they can retain the smell for absolute ages so when I was approached and given the chance to review the Vintage Premium t-shirt range for men, I knew I had to say yes!

The t-shirts are supposed to be premium quality, 100% pre-shrunk soft cotton and come in a classic fit. Since we were given a choice of six, I went for two identical sets, one for Alex and one for my brother:

We gifted his set to my brother when we visited at Easter and Alex has been wearing his at the gym since.

What do I think of the t-shirts?

I love the fun logos and the fact that you can buy them as they are and present them as personalised age gifts.

I was not impressed with the quality of the cotton, as although it is supposed to be pre-shrunk, it continued to shrink slightly with every wash, making me worry that they would grow too small after a while. I am also not convinced that the price reflects the quality, I do find the £18.99 price tag a bit too steep for a t-shirt, be it personalised and all.

What would you recommend for spring male fashion, what are your partner’s favourite items at the moment?

Disclosure: we received the items mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.


  1. That’s a really good price for men’s shoes- I’ll be passing that info to J! He usually goes for ‘Raging Bull’ as they are a good fit for rugby players- big but not fat! xx

  2. Love the jacket. Hubby needs a wardrobe makeover. The shoes are great too and a fab price. Men’s shoes are normally so expensive X

  3. Mummy Matters says

    Hubby would love the work jacket and the Kensington Boots. His wardrobe could do with an overhaul 🙂

  4. I do like the shoes and my husband needs something a bit smarter for work meetings. £18.99 is rather steep for a T-shirt. I’d want it to be self-cleaning for that price!

  5. Le Coin de Mel says

    My lovely father-in-law has that jacket and he absolutely loves it! Practical, waterproof and nice-looking. What more?

  6. Fab items, personally like the jacket myself. My OH is a tracksuit fan unless he has to dress up and then its a pair of chino’s. He’s not into fashion at all!!

  7. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    My husband is rarely out of his football shirts although he has a wardrobe full of nice clothes x

  8. Hubby and fashion are not a good mix – I do buy his clothes though so at least I have an input – I need to upgrade his wardrobe for the summer

  9. My other half lives in black jeans and band t-shirts – it would take a lot to shift his fashion sense now I think!

  10. bavariansojourn says

    That lightweight jacket is great. Will have to point Mr R in the direction of the Scruffs website! 🙂

  11. I am liking the look of those Prestige Kensington Boots, classic design and suitable for so many outfits.

  12. Those jacket and shoes look great for office casual wear – my other half would definitely love a pair of boots like those too. Thanks for sharing, they have some gorgeous menswear.

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