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Father’s Day with Scruffs

Happy fathers day background

Emma’s has become more aware of special days as the years have clocked by so this year, she really wanted to get her daddy something special!

We had already got lunch booked to celebrate Father’s Day but she also wanted to give him something more than a card for the occasion so when Scruffs agreed to collaborate with us again, for a third time, I knew we would have the perfect present to give Alex on the day!

Alex loves all his Scruffs gear he has accumulated over the last year. You can read about his winter jacket here and about his spring one here.

This time, knowing that Alex’s jeans always end up ripping when out working, we decided to go for a pair of work jeans, to begin with.


I was amazed at the quality of this pair as well as the totally reasonable pricing(£34.95) . The jeans come with loads of pockets, all so very handy for busy working hands and knee pads for ground level work. They look amazing, not at all like your average work trousers, and can easily be worn after work for dinner, on condition that they are not too grubby, lol. I love the colour and I will definitely go back and get another pair for Alex when this first one wears out!

The second item we chose for Alex is a classic rucksack. Again, you get so much for your £24.95! “Functional work bag made from water resistant fabric with built in boot compartment, cool bag and laptop sleeve. EVA padding to the straps and back provides maximum comfort when carried. Packed with internal and external secure storage for all of your accessories. “

I love its colour, its perfect size and its functionality. Alex can easily take it with him and transition with it from doing surveys into an office environment and even use it at the gym. The various compartments and pockets allow him to pack for a long day and the thermo-isolated front pocket allows for food to stay fresh even during a warm day!


I loved working with Scruffs again on this occasion, they are a lovely, young company that provide great quality work gear at excellent prices and once again, I do recommend them wholeheartedly!

Disclosure: Alex was sent the two items above in exchange for this review.

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    My husband always has a backpack with him when he goes to work. This one looks really nice.

  2. The jeans look awesome.I am sure any man who loves to wear jeans would love them. I think the backpack is great as well. Men do have stuff they carry and a backpack can help.
    Sorry about your angel baby, I understand I have an angel son. (((HUGS)))

  3. mirandapapandreou says

    My husband would like the backpack for the gym! He does jui jitsu so he has clothes and drinks going back and forth a few times a week.

  4. Those jeans are fantastic, I really like the design and they are trendy without being too ‘hip’ if you know what I mean x

  5. RaisieBay says

    I could do with those jeans for my other half, his always end up tattered. The backpack looks great, I love all the separate pockets.

  6. I love the look of those jeans. Do they have to have good deep pockets? This is the most important thing here as Nick will insist on carrying too much in them and complain if they aren’t deep.

  7. The jeans are great – my husband lives in jeans and shorts but he’d rarely use a backpack so we’d go for the jeans! I hope Emma’s daddy likes them!

  8. Elizabeth O. says

    How sweet! The jeans look awesome and it’s good to have reliable ones when you’re out working. The bag is something I would keep for myself, lol. It’s really awesome because you can put a lot of things in it and it still stays organized.

  9. I love this backpack, this is so perfect for my hubby. I think the first thing he will put in it is my son’s stuff.

  10. Love the backpack idea. My kids got me a leather suitcase that have a separate laptop compartment last year. Always used on business trips.

  11. Beth @ Twinderelmo says

    That is a brilliant price for jeans. My husband gets through so many pairs perhaps I should point him in this direction!

  12. My husband would love the jeans. I think he would enjoy the backpack as well. Or at least I would. I tend to take them wherever we go!

  13. I really love the look of the backpack. It would be perfect for long walks and for leaving at the garden and not having to worry if it was raining.

  14. I’m still not sure what to get my dad! But I did manager to make and post him a card for the occasion x

  15. That bag is awesome. My husband uses a backpack for work. I love the compartments for all the different things. It’s so organised.

  16. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    That backpack would be great as a school bag too x x

  17. I have not heard of this brand before, but the jeans look pretty stylish. Sometimes, it’s so hard shopping for my brother, but I think I could find something with Scruffs.

  18. Jay Simms says

    My husband would really love a pair of jeans. I like how great these look and how affordable they are.

  19. Nice backpack. Jeans are nice too 🙂 This one is perfect not too hip, not too exagg. I wish I can order those online and ships here in my country.

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