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Insure With Max: The Insurance I Wish We Had for Georgie


I have meant to write about the subject for a long time but I never found the right time and occasion. Insurance for children, such a scary thought, yet something that could come in so handy if anything was to ever happen to them!

Back in 2014, when we had Georgie, we as a family had a basic health insurance which would have covered all of us in the event of serious illness. But the likelihood of illness clashed stringently with the joy of having a newborn in the house, and the added financial stress lead Alex to temporarily cancel it, within weeks of Georgie being born. Who thinks of illness, life-threatening conditions and death when they have just been handed this beautiful, new bundle of joy? We certainly didn’t and cancelling our health insurance seemed like a good idea, as it allowed some extra cash for those newborn nappies and cute little outfits…

Fast forward three and a half months to the moment we found ourselves, with the same wonderful bundle of joy, on the children’s cancer ward in Belfast. Our world came crashing down, in every single way. Unfortunately, our finances suffered severely as well and it was only due to Alex’s sheer determination and hard work and financial gifts from various friends that we didn’t end in deep financial arrears.

Had we kept our insurance, we would have been able to claim against our policy, from day one on that ward.

And this is the very reason I decided to write this post.

We now know that horrid things can happen to innocent children. Illness, accidents and even death can rob us of our children and in the process, not only drain every ounce of energy we have but also drain our bank accounts of every single penny we have saved. Cause in those desperate moments, we would give everything we have, even our lives, to make our ill children comfortable and pay for a cure, if there is any!

After Georgie’s death, we have been very careful and have set health and life insurance policies for all of us. And now, I am writing this post to urge all my readers to consider the unthinkable and the uncomfortable and set up a policy for the scary possibility of a child becoming severely ill or being involved in a serious accident.

Insure With Max was set by a wonderful man who knows the reality of serious illness in children as well as we do. His younger sister suffered for many years from a serious condition which ultimately lead to her death, but in the process, his family was deeply affected financially and in every other single way, just like ours was in 2014.


Unlike other insurances out there, Insure With Max caters exclusively for the case of an ill or seriously injured child, provides the parent with their take home salary within 30 days of a diagnosis for up to 12 months and renews annually, so no monthly fees or life long commitments to an expensive policy.  Your actual premium will depend on the amount of your take home salary and the number and age of your children, subject to a minimum single premium £49.28 (incl. IPT) for a 12 month policy.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this insurance to every parent out there. It is inexpensive and flexible but most importantly, it can provide with that much needed financial reassurance in the case of illness or accident, allowing you in those tragic circumstances to take time off to look after your precious child, instead of desperately trying to make ends while your heart and soul are in a hospital room.

Alongside a prestigious group of mummy bloggers, I will be hosting a Twitter chat on Friday, 1st of July, between 11:15 a.m. and 12:00. Look us up under the hashtag #ChildMax and come and learn more about Insure With Max.



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  1. Oana, your post stopped me in my tracks. I am so very sorry that you lost your Georgie and in awe of you being brave enough to talk about it as well as this topic. We all kow how rare it is for children to bcome poorly like this but you know only too well that it can happen and the last thing you would want to think about would be money. I’m so glad that you had good friends and your husband was so on top of things for your familiy and thank yo for sharing about this insurance policy from Max, who has also lost a child in his family and wants to ease the other worries for other parents so that they can concentrate on what’s really important. Lots of love to you Oana and am looking forward to Twitter chatting with you on Friday. xxxx

  2. Erica Price says

    It is a good idea because with a sick child you don’t need financial worries too.

  3. Laura - Mummy Lala says

    First of all I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Insurance for children is something I’d never even thought about and what a fantastic idea. There seems to be insurance for everything so why not children.

    Laura x

  4. Mummy Matters says

    Oh Oana, I am so sort for your loss. There are so many bloggers we don’t see every post and so I had no idea. It was a relief that you were able to avoid the financial pitfalls with your Husbands hard work and help from loved ones but for so many they won’t be able to do that and this is where ChildMax is so important. Sending virtual hugs xx

  5. This isn’t really something I have thought about before but thank you for sharing this. I am definitely going to look into it, just in case the unthinkable happens. I am so very sorry for your loss xxx

  6. Oh my, I am so so sorry for your loss. This post made my heart turn over. I just can’t imagine going through that. I have never even thought of insurance before.

  7. We have a family health insurance with an Irish company. Both kids are on it. Right now it’s no good to us because we now have free health care for kids up to 6 years. But we keep them on it in case we need it for something else.

  8. So sorry to hear about Georgie 😦 we’ll try and join in with the Twitter chat. It’s something that everyone needs to think about xx

  9. you are so right and this has made me think seriously about doing the same. You just don’t think that would happen to you do you, I cannot comprehend the sadness of losing a child and I think you are so inspiring and brave, I think about you and your beautiful Georgie often and I’m so sorry that at such a time you also had to stress about finances, it’s not right to have that extra worry on top of such heartbreak xxx

  10. It is such a serious thing to think about when having children as you wouldn’t want all the stress if anything was to happen to a child and you had no insurance x

  11. I am so sorry for your loss lovey. Nothing anyone can say can make anything feel better but you are doing a wonderful, wonderful thing raising awareness about insurance for other parents. Sending lots of love x

  12. So sorry to hear of your loss. I’m sure this scheme could help many families if there financial circumstances allowed them to meet the payments

  13. Thank you for blogging about this Oana, something that must have been very hard for you. Especially this time of year. As you know I’ve followed your blog for a while now and think you are very brave and honest. Insurance for my children is not something I’ve ever considered although my husband and I have insurance with added critically illness cover. But thanks for bringing this to my attention, it is definitely something I will be looking into. I hope your live chat went well and I’ll be thinking of you all on the 5th xx

  14. Its such a difficult subject to come up with bit thank you sk much for sharing this, it really does put it all into pospective really. I am truely sorry for the loss of your little boy xxx

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