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We LOVE Pizza Express in this house and Emma is the biggest fan among us all so when we were contacted and asked if we would like to review a family meal, we squealed with joy! Not only because we would spend some quality time together but also because Emma was allowed to bring a friend or two, making the experience a thousand times more fun!

We have two Pizza Express restaurants in Belfast but the one we almost always prefer is the one in Victoria Square. That is where we headed yesterday evening, with three very excited little girls and large appetites :-).

As always, the staff was extremely welcoming and friendly to the girls.(We had a little four year old with us who can be extremely shy but by the end of the evening, the lovely staff managed to make friends with her!) We were offered a table immediately and drinks were brought out very quickly. While we were perusing the amazing  summer menu and reading the Piccolo one to the girls, the staff brought out activity packs and little chef hats for them, which brought big smiles on their faces, as you can see:


The girls decided to enjoy everything that was on offer for them on the Piccolo menu and had the delicious dough balls and vegetables for starters. We wanted to celebrate the elusive summer(it was pouring when we walked into the restaurant!) and had the prosciutto and melon(myself) and the calamari(Alex). Everything came out quick, was warm, well presented and delicious; the same top quality we have come to expect from our favourite Pizza Express restaurant, delivered promptly and with a smile.Always!


The surprise came after our starters, when our lovely waiting staff offered the girls a peak behind the kitchen scenes and the chance to see how pizza is made(and spinned!) by the chefs. The staff took the time to explain the process and the steps involved into making a cracking pizza and the chef introduces himself and invited the girls to interact and catch his flying dough!


By the time he had finished, our main courses were on the tables, steaming and we tucked into them with gusto, as expected, after such amazing culinary display. Emma and her friend went for pizza while the little one opted for pasta and sauce. The all loved their food and devoured it. We had to ask for a dessert spoon for the little one, as she was enjoying her sauce so much that she didn’t want to leave anything behind, lol!

The grown ups went again for more summery options of salad and thin crust pizza(and some of the lovely craft beer from the menu, Alex totally appreciated the touch, as he has become quite an expert in the domain). They were both very filling, fresh and totally satisfying!



Actually, our main courses were so filling (and we so eager to test some of the new desserts on the summer menu!) that we asked the staff to pack the leftovers for home. They came very handy today at lunch time and brought back a lot of happy memories from last nights.

So, yes, as you guessed, we did enjoy pudding as well, it would have been a shame not to! I usually LOVE their sorbet at Pizza Express, I find it refreshing for the palate and very light but this time, I had to try the lime centered bomb while Alex had a go at the Passionate Mess, a delicious passion fruit alternative to cheesecake:


The girls all chose different things, ice-cream, organic apple lolly and chocolate brownie and were all very pleased with their complimentary Bambinoccino as well:




Pizza Express, in partnership with the Blue Sky, has presently added an Ice Age activity sheet to their Piccolo menu and is inviting its customers to enter its competition for the grand prize of a holiday to Hollywood and many other surprises. The new Ice Age Collision movie is due in the cinemas on the 15th of July and we cannot wait to go and watch it!

Disclosure: we were offered a complimentary meal in Pizza Express in exchange for an honest review. We loved every minute of it and are very grateful to the staff for having made the evening so special for the girls and for us! We loved the opportunity to review one of our favourite family friendly restaurants and we will return very soon for more good food and laughter!


  1. Oh what a lovely time you all had! How fabulous the girls got a behind-the-scenes look too, that’s really special.

  2. Oh I love Pizza Express! I think it is so reliable, you know that it is going to be great. I’ve never actually taken my youngest kids but they do love Ice Age and chocolate brownies so maybe we should go soon.

  3. momknowsbest15 says

    I love pizza. A behind the scene tour would be so cool.

  4. Elizabeth O. says

    It sounds like a great place and I’m glad the kids had a lot of fun especially when they were taken to the kitchen for a tour! That’s really a fun experience and the food looks great as well.

  5. I’m glad you had a great time and so did the kids! The food looks amazing and the desserts are just, wow! I would love to take the family here!

  6. The puddings looked amazing! We also love Pizza Express, there’s one near us which we eat at in the summer as they have nice tables outside! Glad you and your family enjoyed it!

  7. Karlyn Cruz says

    I like pizza. I will definitely try Pizza Express. My kids will surely love them!

  8. The girls sure look like they enjoyed the pizza and had a great time! I’ve heard that Pizza Express do great pizza!

  9. Mad #PIZZALOVER here! this is sooooo awesome I love it all. would love to visit this place and taste the spectacularness!

  10. Nikki Jenner says

    Wow, what a nice experienced! I want to see the chief do that in front of me!

  11. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    We love our local Pizza Express too! It sounds like they really went out of their way to make it a special visit for you x

  12. RaisieBay says

    It looks like a fantastic experience was had by all. I do love Pizza Express, but maybe I shouldn’t have read this just before lunch, I’m starving now…and all I can think of is pizza and cheescake!

  13. milenabarrett says

    We don’t have a Pizza Express by us-makes me sad now! This looks wonderful and the kids look like they had so much fun!

  14. Kathy says

    That sounds like an awesome restaurant. That is one that I would certainly go to. I wonder if they have any near me.

  15. Pizza is one of my favorite meals to eat, and I wish we had better restaurants like Pizza Express in my neck of the woods. I like that this place offers tasty-looking desserts.

  16. I love the girls faces in the last picture and it sounds like you had a wondeful meal! We have a fave Pizza Express restaurant to visit too, I lovw how the staff always remember us in there! 🙂

  17. I was just at Milanos this week (which I think is Pizza Express’ trading name in Ireland?) and the pizza was amazing. Can’t fault the place for a good family meal x

  18. Kathy Kenny Ngo says

    I love the pictures. You captured how the kids enjoying their day! PS. I love pizzas too! And now I am craving. Thanks to your awesome shots. Haha!

  19. Pizza express is a great restaurant. We’ve never had a bad experience there, how nice for them to show you the kitchen!

  20. Angela Milnes says

    We have never been to pizza express but it sounds so tasty! Glad you had a good time.

  21. Love pizza as well and yes, love it when with ice cream. Ihihi. So cool of the restaurant to accommodate reviews.

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