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Healthy Teeth, Now A Child’s Play – A Playbrush Review

I’ve always struggled with keeping Emma’s teeth clean. As any child, she goes through long spells when she refuses to brush, preferring to watch another two minutes of T.V. in the morning or pretending to be oh, so tired, in the evenings :-).

She started changing her baby teeth last year and her new front ones became very quickly a shade of unhealthy; that made other children make fun of her in the playground so when we were in Greece, she had them cleaned by a dentist. It was not a fun experience and she did promise to brush more often but come September, she swiftly forgot and went back to brushing randomly and chaotically.

Both my brother and myself have quite bad teeth and it is a real concern, keeping Emma’s healthy. I allow her to have sweets only occasionally and until now, we haven’t had to visit the dentist for any other reasons but the above mentioned clean up but I wouldn’t want her to get to the stage where she needs fillings…etc.

Sooo, when the Playbrush team approached us and asked if we wanted to review their interactive toothbrush, I was very curious to see what Emma would think of it. I did not have huge expectations, mind you, knowing how sporadic her brushing can be but…I couldn’t have been more wrong!

We got the brush last weekend and took it with us on our Daisy Lodge break. It was perfect timing, really, as I had plenty of time to download all the play apps and introduce them to Emma, with a maximal success!


So, what is a Playbrush, I hear you ask?

Here is a little video to explain the concept:

So, simply put, it is a chargeable device (it works with your iPad charger so don’t worry about forgetting it home when you travel!) which can be attached to any toothbrush. The genius of this toothbrush lays in the games which children get to play while brushing with the Playbrush. Not only are they fun and make the two minutes required for thorough brushing fly by, but also the device can detect their moves so it instructs them to brush in different areas and at an adequate speed, all through the paces of the chosen game!

(The games have even been updated with a Christmas theme and Emma has been loving chasing the reindeer, she says.)


What has Emma thought of it?

As I said, I did not set with high expectations here BUT she has loved it! She now requests(!!!), miracle of miracles, to brush her teeth both in the morning and at night and does it properly as well, under the fun guidance of the apps!

There is a Christmas sale on the website at the moment and the Playbrush is down to £19.99 from £26.99. Well worth the peace of mind, if you ask me and well worth the fun brushing, if you ask Emma :-).

Disclosure: we were sent the Playbrush for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely our own and truthful.

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  1. bavariansojourn says

    What a great way to encourage healthy brushing. My two would LOVE this! 😀

  2. Erica Price says

    Anything that makes brushing fun has got to be good. Keeping teeth healthy is so important.

  3. I was really sceptical about bring yet more tech into our lives, but the play brush has really made brushing so much easier.

  4. This sounds great – my daughter used to hate brushing her teeth so much that the stress would make her throw up so I know how hard it can be to get kids to brush their teeth!

  5. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    What a great result – well worth the money then if it has such a good effect x x

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