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iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale – Review and Giveaway


My faithful readers know that at the beginning of autumn, I embarked on a wellness and weight loss journey. I have done really well on it and to date, I’ve managed to lose over 1.5 stones, my goal being 2 stones and fitting comfortable into size 10 jeans.

I have changed my lifestyle dramatically since I started this journey, from the way I eat to the way I look at life in general. I have also started considering regular exercise from home (I know, all that weight loss so far has been exclusively diet related!) and sort of veered towards a semi-professional approach to weight loss as the weeks clocked in.

The one thing that professional athletes count on while training are accurate scales, which show not only the weight gain/loss but also the body fat percentage, water retention and so on. I do not, by any means, see myself as a professional athlete (not just as yet, anyway :-)) but this measurements can be important to anyone on a weight loss journey as well.

I have had scales in the house during the past few months but they always appeared unreliable so when the lovely people from iHealth Labs offered me the opportunity to review their latest iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale I saw it as an opportunity to up my game when it comes to weighting. Literally!

What diferentiates the iHealth Core from the rest of the scales out there?

“With its sleek design and easy set-up, the iHealth Core provides a complete assessment of your body composition.  

The Core Body Composition Scale measures weight and BMI, but also calculates body fat indices, lean body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, water mass and your visceral fat rating.

It is useful to regularly monitor your weight and body composition to stay healthy. This allows you to track your weight and to avoid significant weight gain or loss that are often sources of complications. It also helps you to measure the effects of a balanced diet and of regular physical activity.

The free iHealth MyVitals app, on both Apple and Android devices, automatically keeps a history of your data using you WiFi connection and gives you the option to share your analysis information whenever suits you. For such an affordable price, this smart scale offers so much more than everyday scales. 

Beautifully designed, this smart scale meets rigorous accuracy standards in both US and Europe, and will look good in any bathroom.”


  • WiFi Connected
  • Complete assessment of your body composition
  • Including weight, BMI, body fat indices, lean body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, water mass and your visceral fat rating.
  • Free iHealth MyVitals app for both Apple and Android devices
  • Keep track of your results over time
  • Can measure up to 400lbs weight
  • Share yours results with your family, carer and doctor

So, what do I think of it?

I totally love it, not only its sleek design but most importantly, its reliability. There are no unexplained jumps in my weight during the week, as it would have happened with my normal scales, which would have been too sensitive and alter their results depending of the incline of the floor.

I also love the app and the fact that each time I weigh myself, the results register into my account. No slacking excuses there for me then :-).


There are also the more detailed facts that a medical professional will find very useful, if my weight needed controlled more drastically:


 The lovely people at iHealth Labs also have a giveaway gift for one of my lucky readers, in the form of their own iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale! They have also added a 20% discount for all my readers on their website, so do stop by and have a look at their amazing range of products!

The giveaway has very simple terms and conditions, visit and like the company’s Facebook page and come back and tell me which product or article from the page caught your eye!

 The giveaway will run until the 15th of December and the winner will be drawn randomly and announced in this blog post.

Disclosure: we were sent the scales for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely truthful and our own.

Congratulations, Christine McCann, the Random Number Generator drew your number! I’ll get in touch ASAP for delivery details. Many thanks to everyone else who entered, wishing you all a very happy Christmas and 2017!


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  1. Oh my goodness! These sound amazing. Nick has to watch his weight as he is an Olympic weightlifter and has to fit a specific weight class so these would be perfect for us xx

  2. I trained as a sports scientist at university so all of the information that goes along with this is really interesting – much more informative of your progression than just your current weight – it sounds great!

  3. Darren says

    These scales are what caught my eye. I needed to and have lost nearly 3 stone in the last year and would now like to concentrate on my body fat % rather than how many kg I weigh.

  4. alison fisher says

    the wrist blood pressure monitor hubby has to keep an eye on his so it is a really good idea

  5. Mark Witherington says

    I thought the blood pressure monitor looked very interesting so that should be a great item once it comes out

  6. Paul Wilson says

    Monitoring diabetes is hard, but mobile apps make the process easier

  7. nearlydead says

    My BP was 165 over 110 when I attended hospital this week for my regular IVIG treatment and so my GP has arranged for me to use a machine for 7 days to get a proiper record esxcept that I am 8th on the waiting list forit.Therefore,I am very interested in the new wrist blood pressure monitor which is posted on the iHealth Core facebook page.

  8. Joanne McFarland says

    The articles on diabetes were very interesting, along with the new glucometer

  9. Rich Barker says

    Most of the articles on diabetes monitoring – my wife is type 2 diabetic but has got off medication by changing her diet to low-carb. And I’ve followed suit and lost several stone with relative ease!

  10. ChelseaMamma says

    I could do with these…..the weight seems to be slowly creeping on as I am not getting as much exercise now that Sebby is at pre-school

  11. Kathleen Sarah Bell says

    The Being Overweight and Diabetes link touched a nerve as it is something that has been worrying me!

    Very interesting though, and these scales look very useful.

  12. Christine McCann says

    This looks fab and the wrist blood pressure monitor looks really good! I found some of their diabetes articles very interesting as diabetes runs in my family.

  13. I woudl love to win these and I really did head over to look at the FB page but the thing I like most is these scales. I have a friend who is a fitness trainer and I use hers sometimes and the metrics like body fat % are so useful. I could probably also use the blood pressure monitor too though as a friend did mine yesterday and it was sky high. Thanks, Mich x

  14. BloggerMummyLauren says

    Wow, these look fab! Looking at their Facebook page, I think everything in the range looks great but the scales are what would be most suitable for me. I love that they are wifi and that you can keep a record of your weight. I’ve just started new medication and one of the side effects is to gain weight so I’m trying to counteract that with good exercise and eating, so these would be great for me. Great review and giveaway!

  15. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    You’ve done amazingly well and you’re so close to your target Oana – these scales must be a great motivation too x x

  16. Well done on the weight loss – it goes on so easily but doesn’t come off as fast! These scales sound amazing and I bet they help you stick to your goals. x

  17. Those scales sound great, being able to track body fat indices is so much more informative then just how much weight you have lost. Well done with doing so well too x

  18. Well that’s mad what you can get these days. We have a Wifi Fitbit Scale and I love it. Much better than an ordinary one.

  19. Sharon says

    That’s brilliant, never thought a scale can actually connect to wifi and provide so much information! Thanks for your great review!
    I’ll keep following their posts, loved the the article regarding weight before Christmas! X

  20. DEBORAH BIRD says

    The scales definitely catch my eye! I have always battled with my weight so these would be really helpful for me! Its great that you get an app with it too so you can really keep track!

  21. I love the look of the scales as I’m currently training hard and seeing my lean mass increase vs my fat mass decreasing would be super

  22. steph lovatt says

    The post on if you get a high blood pressure reading you should take it 2 more times to see if you still get high readings, I didn’t know that

  23. Patricia Avery says

    Firstly can I say well done on your weight loss so far. I am always battling with my weight despite spending an hour in the gym every day then swimming hard for an hour afterwards. I eat healthily and have considerably reduced portion size but my BMI is about 29. I think having so much info from the scales would be very helpful. I also like the look of the BP monitor. I am on meds for high BP but I suffer from white coat syndrome so always produce high readings at the surgery 🙂

  24. Jamie Millard says

    sitting is the new smoking. definitely agree. too many people are inactive these days and need to think more about the impact of that on their health

  25. Jane Middleton says

    I do love the products iHealth offer, the scales are amazing, the blood pressure monitor so useful. And it’s true that sitting is really bad for you, I do need to move around more when I work at the computer.

  26. The article on the connection between Being Overweight and Type 2 Diabetes was interesting. Having lost 3 stone during the course of this year I hope I’ve gone some way to averting this. These scales look fabulous – I’d love to have an in-depth analysis of weight and everything else like this. My basic home scales seem to fluctuate depending on which part of the bathroom floor they go on! Would be a great incentive to lose the next stone which I’m planning on in 2017!

  27. I like the article on ‘Don’t Stand Still. Take care of your health today. I work in quite a sedentary job and I found this extremely informative and useful.

  28. Emily Hutchinson says

    Definitely the scales. Mine are useless, you get on, it tells you one weight, you get on a second time and suddenly i’ve lost of gained half a stone.

  29. Sandra U. says

    I love the article about the benefits to using a personal BP monitor. I have hypertension myself and need to do this also.
    Congrats on the weight loss! I need to lose weight also and this sounds so wonderful how it keeps track of everything and can easily check where you are on your weight loss journey.

  30. Kate Loader says

    The new wrist blood pressure monitor – That is a great invention.

    Great giveaway, I’m currently losing weight, and still have a journey to go!

  31. The new wrist blood pressure monitor – What a great invention.

    Great giveaway – I’m trying to lose weight and still have some way to go, so this would be perfect to track my progress.

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