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A Christmas Present List and Lottie Dolls Giveaway

So, before I start, this is by no means a bragging post.

I am acutely aware of the fact that so many children out there who will not be visited at all by Santa this year. My heart breaks for all the Syrian children and the sustained attacks they have had to endure in the past months.

This is just a post to inspire other parents who are lucky enough to be healthy and well, living in a country where peace reigns, who can work to make their little ones’ dreams come true.

What has my seven year old girl been dreaming to find under the Christmas tree this year?

At the top of her list, we have had My Little Pony dolls and sets. I have been scouring the shops since November and managed to get her half price items and two for one sets so the house will be filled with glitter and pink ponies on Christmas morning :-).

I love it that she is still into dolls at 7. To me, that is a sign of innocence and playfulness and I will be happy to continue to buy her dolls for the foreseeable future if that keeps my little girl still little.


The second item, which has been on Santa’s list for ages, but I only deemed appropriate for her age this year, is a camera. She loves seeing me taking photos for my blog and she would beg for my camera/phone every time something interesting catches her eye so this year, she will be able to do just that, at her heart’s content. I debated with myself for absolute ages and was very tempted to get her an instant one but the film can get very expensive, so I went for an underwater camera. Emma can swim but she doesn’t have the confidence to do it underwater just as yet so I thought this will encourage her to move onto the next level, when the time is right.


Since Emma’s list to Santa was short this year and had only the items above, I took the liberty to add a few bits and bobs, all thanks to lovely companies with which I have been collaborating this last few months.

First of all, from Trends UK, I got a couple of the new Shopkins Kinstruction sets. Emma loves Lego and all Lego-like toys but most of her sets are Disney related so I thought these would diversify our collection of buildable toys and introduce her to the Shopkin trend.

It will also give us something to do during that week off school following Christmas, so perfect toy, really :-).


If you have my on Facebook as a friend or have been following this blog for a while, you know that I always promote toys and websites that empower little girls to become everything they want to be, not what the society tells them to.

Within this line, I decided to choose, off the same wonderful website (I highly recommend it!), from the Discovery Kids range, the planetarium from which Emma will learn so much more about stars, and a telescope, which she could use at her daddy’s house to spy on seals, since he will be moving by the sea very soon.



So this is it, this is what Emma will be getting for Christmas, more or less. I’m truly hoping that this Christmas will be her most magical so far!

But I will not finish this post without making this Christmas a bit magical for one of my readers as well.

You all know that I’ve been a huge fan of Lottie dolls and I wrote extensively about them last year and how inspiring I truly find them.

In September, as part of our ambassadorship, we were send another set of dolls, this time a STEM one to suit perfectly with the new educational trends in the UK.

Emma has been having great fun playing with them and dreaming about becoming a scientist, just like Robot Girl and an astronomer, just like Stargazer Lottie.

And now, just in time for Christmas, I would like another little girl to start dreaming big, about achieving her dreams of becoming who she is meant to be!

So, without further a do, here is the Gleam link where you can enter the competition. I’ll make it very short, so you can hopefully get the bundle just in time for Christmas!

Disclaimer: we have received some of the toys mentioned above for the propose of this post and giveaway. All opinions expressed are truthful and entirely my own.


  1. Some great present ideas. Tia didn’t really ask for much this year either however a frozen lego set and telescope were both on her Santa list. I am excited to see her face on Christmas morning when she opens them! Although I think that I may need to do my research on stars and constellations as my knowledge is very much non existent. I tend to buy Christmas presents throughout the year when they are in the sales, on offer or I just see something I know they’d like that I’m unlikely to see again. So although it looks as though I have bought lots of presents it has cost me far less than it would had I bought it in the run up to Christmas.
    Sorry to hear that you and Alex have separated, I hope that your all doing OK and that his move to the seaside goes well. I’m sure Emma will love watching all the wildlife through her telescope. Wishing you a happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas xx

    • Well, you need to get her little lady the projector as well then, it seems to be the best way to learn about stars along the little ones. Good luck and a very merry Christmas to you

      • A good idea, my local tkmax store had lots of the different discover kids sets in when I was last there. Although I may wait and maybe get it as an alternative Easter present as I’m really not sure I can face venturing into town so close to Christmas xx

  2. Annemarie Holohan says

    Lovely ideas here – I have been looking at the Lottie doll for my 5 year old. Fingers crossed for the competition!

  3. Nicola Pike says

    Great read thank you. I love the look of the Lottie dolls ans will definitely getting one for my little lady

  4. Angie says

    My little astronaut would love that telescope, I’m so glad you shared it! I’ve been having trouble finding one that isn’t a toy, but isn’t too advanced.

    We love Lottie, we already have Robot Girl and Autumn Leaves, and for Christmas, Pirate Queen and Stargazer will be joining us. I think next year, Lottie will be getting a space suit, and I can not wait for that one!

  5. Sandra U. says

    Thank you so much for this chance. As a Mom of 8 kids, it would be great to help with Christmas for my kids. I know my kids would love it so much.

  6. Ahh! My girl adores Lottie dolls. We already have a few and would love to add more to our collection. I really like the look of the Pirate Queen Lottie. I think my girl would love that. 🙂

  7. Kat C. says

    Lottie dolls are truly revolutionary in that they inspire our children responsibly and send the message to savor childhood and not wish it away

  8. Sharon says

    Many thanks for all this great ideas, my daughter is about the same age and I’m still looking for the perfect present for her!
    I think she would love the snow globe one, it’s gorgeous! X

  9. Laura Walsh says

    My niece would love Pony Club Lottie the best as she has a real love of all things equine

  10. Sara Brinkhurst says

    Lovely ideas, my daughter would love anything on this list. We particularly love Lottie!

  11. Maja C says

    We’ve also been playing with the idea of a camera for several gift giving occasions now. The problem is our son wants a “real” camera, like mummy’s, with buttons and all. He is also 4 and prone to throwing things he gets mad at, so I think we’re staying away from that just yet. Loving the planetarium idea, keeping that one in mind for Easter. As for the Lottie dolls, very tempted to get him one!

  12. Laura Breathnach says

    My twin nieces would love Fossil Hunter Lottie as each of them owns a magnifying glass and they bring these everywhere just in case they find something of interest to inspect a little more closely .

  13. Isabel Magalhães says

    Hello, first of all I thank you for the giveaway, my daughter would love to win Lottie Robot Girl!, she already have stargazer Lottie 🙂

  14. Laura Walsh says

    My 3 year old nephew loves to use my telescope and he showed some interest in the Pirate Queen Lottie which I gave to my niece on Monday so I think my nephew would love Stargazer Lottie .

  15. Waddelow says

    My daughters both love the stars & the moon. Stargazer Lottie looks lovely!
    Thank you

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