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Girls’ Trip – Movie Review


Six months! I haven’t been blogging for six months!

So many things happened with us since. Good things.

Emma and myself have settled into our new home and have been making the most of our friendships, work and travels.

We were away in Romania last month and had an absolute ball seeing family and friends. I hope I’ll be able to squeeze in a post about it, joy can only be conveyed sometimes in pictures and we have tons of them from our visit home.

We have also settled into a visitation arrangement regarding Emma (with the intervention of patient and wise friends) so now, from time to time, this mama gets a bit of time to herself.

To gather her thoughts. To catch up with friends. To go watch a movie. To blog.

Tonight I went to watch Girls’ Trip. I had read loads of reviews about it, from ScreenCrush calling it “the filthiest and funniest comedy of the summer” and rating it 8/10 to The Times interpreting it as “a raunchy comedy that’s high on the raunch, but rather low on the comedy.”

My opinion of it?

Trashy, yes, and loads of foul language. A lot of sexually-laden conversations between the four female protagonists, which I found healthy, hilarious and embarrassing all in equal measure. You’ll get me only when you watch the grapefruit scene!

Copycat of previous versions of “women-let-loose” movies like Bridemaids?


Still funny?


Best scenes?

The zipline and the pee sprinklers, I won’t say more. The sausage chopping on live TV, to die for!

Moral of the movie (hard to use the word in relation to a movie that uses so much foul language!)?

Friendship can carry you through the worst of times and will help you stay true to yourself. Help and support from friends, be them foul-mouthed or distant at times, can help one change the course of one’s life. For the better.

If you have watched it, do drop a line and tell me what you thought of it all.

And thank you for stopping by, I hope my next post won’t take another six months to write!



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