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Sweet Gifts for Her at Christmas

Hotel Chocolat, the luxury chocolate brand, doesn’t need any introduction whatsoever. When it comes to flavoursome, created with the intention to spoil chocolate there are hardly any rivals on the market. Its excellent quality, the refined yet bold combinations point to a winner every single time. For the chocolate lover, it is the ultimate treat, the one we dream of when contemplating possible Christmas gifts. To our loved ones and let’s admit it, to ourselves!

We all know too well the haggard, lost expression men get when considering possible gifts for the special ladies in their lives. This Christmas I decided to show grace and spare possible meltdowns (on both sides of what could easily become a barricade, and not of love, mind you!)  and point any lost (for ideas!) gentlemen in the right direction when it comes to the dreaded gifts for her.

And why would I suggest chocolate, I hear you ask?

Well, first of all, because chocolate is soothing to the senses. Hotel Chocolat have created a Christmas range which is appealing not only to the palate but also to the eye:

While the debate is still inconclusive over what scientists ascribed as the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate, we all know the unadulterated, pure pleasure a box of chocolates can give. So my second and very logical reason for choosing chocolate as a viable Christmas gift option is the guaranteed joy it will bring!

And there is no excuse in not choosing chocolate on account of budgets either. Hotel Chocolat have a wide range of Christmas gift options for her, from the very decent Christmas hampers, starting at £25 (the chocolate and fizz option for me, pretty pleeeaze!) to the totally luxurious Signature Chocolate Cabinet which will satisfy any taste and desire she could possibly have! So, whether you have budgeted to totally spoil her this Christmas or want to include chocolate as a complimentary treat, there’s an option for every purse and every taste!

Well, did I convince you? Has my post been helpful? Has it saved you a possible dilemma or a fight with your loved one over inappropriate Christmas gifts? Let me know and, most importantly, don’t bypass Hotel Chocolat on your Christmas shopping trip these weeks. You won’t regret it!

Disclosure: the blog post was written in collaboration with the brand mentioned above and I have been compensated for my time and effort.

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