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At War

Since my last post I had a lot of responses from dear friends regarding my current situation. Friends who love God encouraged me to persevere through it all and wait for His perfect timing and solutions. Friends who don’t or have forgotten what it means to love Him encouraged me to believe in myself, send good vibes and carry on. But the best response was from Him(no offence, everybody!). On Sunday morning, during worship time ( if you’re not a Christian or haven’t been in a liberal church before, that’s the time we bellow out to Him, some more aptly than others, trying to forget our pressing situations and focus on His greatness) He spoke to me through an image. A warrior woman, hitting her shield with her sword: “Boom! Boom! Boom!” I could almost hear it. And then came the words: “I haven’t forgotten you. I have been preparing you for war. Worked on you, strengthened you so you can go and attack the enemy’s camp. The warrior you saw? You know what’s she’s …

God of everything!

I have honoured my Romanian inheritance in my last post.
This post honours our time in Northern Ireland and its great singers. Ryan Griffith used to sing in my old church and his songs bring me closer to God every time I hear them.
So now take a moment and say thank you to Jesus for what he did on the cross and be reminded of all Jesus is: “amazing, glorious, God of everything; far beyond all understanding,measureless…”