Hubby’s Fantastic Prawn Pasta!

018Let me start by saying that the picture doesn’t do the recipe justice. At all, like…

Hubby started making this recipe last summer in Thessaloniki. With fresh from the open market, to-die-for prawns. He would have made it at the weekend, when he had the time. Cause, you see, he is Greek and Greeks don’t mess up with food! Food is as important as family to them and it gets as much attention in detail and preparation!

It takes him hours to make it because the sauce involves a lot of simmering and adding of delicious ingredients.

I finally coaxed it out of him this morning, so here goes:

- A dash of olive oil, add a finely chopped onion and fry until translucent(not brown, never brown, folks!).

- A knob of butter then your tomatoes. Half fresh, about 3-4, half canned, a can. Add them to the onion.

- Simmer the sauce with bahari(a Greek spice mentioned in Politiki Kouzina), cinnamon and a drop of honey for 45 minutes. Add a drop of water every 5 minutes or so.

- “Sauce needs to taste cooked tomato, not raw when it is ready!

Now for the prawns:

- Marinate them separately with salt, pepper, chopped tomato and olive oil.

- Simmer them on low heat for about 45 minutes as well, until sauce cooked and dry.

- “Don’t throw the juice out as it tastes prawns!”

I challenge you to try it. He made it here as well, with prawns bought from the Belfast Saint George’s market but declared himself unsatisfied with the taste. Nothing taste the same as in Greece, phisika :-)!


Living Arrows – 16/52

It has been ages I linked to the Living Arrows. Actually, it has been ages since I wrote anything decent on my blog. So, here is a rusty attempt at it!

Emma, since I last wrote about you, you settled a good deal! It helped that you stopped going to the childminder, it was explained to me by experts that you were feeling kicked out of your own house by your little brother, I am sure that didn’t feel very nice!Daddy and I made conscious efforts to spend time with you alone, so that you feel reassured of our love. Here is us having coffee in Belfast, while Bica minded Georgie at home:


You are happy enough to play on your own once you get home from playgroup and your Bica is constantly in awe of your games and the richness of your imagination and play! These last couple of weeks you were home, as you had your holidays, and she was able to enjoy seeing you around, being part of your coffee shop “clientele” and simply bonding with you! She will be missed, she is heading back home on Sunday, I am sure your room will feel empty without her in the morning!

Georgie, you settled a good deal too but just when we thought you were heading the right direction and did a couple of nights of 9.30 to 1 and the 5.30, you started waking up again ridiculously often, sometimes even up to 8 times a night! We put it down to some sort of colic/ wind issues and we truly hope things will settle soon for you. And for us too :-).

Otherwise, you are a lovely wee boy, smiling loads and interacting with us. You love being held, love cuddles from your sister and falling asleep close to mummy and this week, you managed to hold a toy in your hands, for the first time! Well done, son! You will turn three months tomorrow, where does time fly,ha?

10268694_10151984271276512_7726407780479882251_nI love both of you, even if I am still tired most days and grumpy. I know that things will settle soon  and we will be into some sort of routine, sooner than later but until then hope you guys will be able to tolerate me a bit more :-). Proud to be your mummy!


Tommee Tippee Sangenic Plus Nappy Wrapper Tub – A Review

I was over the moon when I was contacted by the lovely folk at BabiesRUs and informed that our application to become a babyologist family has been successful!

The first product we got to try out and review was the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Plus Nappy Wrapper Tub. Bang on, I thought since I had a baby 12 weeks ago and there is definitely a lot of nappies being disposed of at the moment in our household!



The moment we received the product on the post I was a bit surprised to find it so light. As a “nappy disposal system” I expected something sturdier but it was actually a plastic bin with a film inside meant to wrap around and completely isolate the offensive smells emanating from the disposed nappies. I decided to put it to the test immediately. I found the system easy to use, the film is meant to be tied and secured inside so that the nappies don’t actually fall through. Easily done! Once the first dirty nappy was delivered that day, we enthusiastically placed it in the nappy tub and waited for a few hours to see if it does what it claims to be good at: actually isolate the smell! I was a bit disappointed to find my bathroom smelling foul a few hours later when I went to dispose of the next nappy and decided to remove the nappy and put it in the bin outside.

I would recommend the system as a bin where you can dispose of wet nappies mainly. If you live in an apartment and don’t have the easy option to dispose of offensive nappies right away, I would recommend it, on condition that it is emptied at the end of the day/every 24 hours max!

I am sorry that my first review for BabiesRUs hasn’t been as positive as I would have liked. I hope the next product we get to try would be better :-)

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Silent Sunday and My Sunday Photo-13/04/2014

010Silent-SundaySunday photo

My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream-A review

Sunflower CreamHands up if you have an obsession with hand cream,like I do?

It started when I was a teenager, reading all those glam magazines and realising that my skin needs hydration and that it will continue to look young if I take proper care of it.

It continued in my adulthood when my thyroid started playing up, leaving my skin feeling dry, especially during winter and spring months. And then, my collection of hand creams, body lotions and milks continued to grow, to the point that now, there is always a tube in every bag I own and a pot in every bathroom(we have three in this house), on the kitchen sill and a couple of “emergency” ones in the bathroom cupboard, for the unlikely situation of me ever running out of hand cream :-)

So you can imagine my reaction when I was offered the opportunity to review My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream. I had no hesitation saying yes and was very curious to try it out since it came with high praise.

You see, the cream has been used in the NHS system(more precisely in the Salisbury hospital) for a while now and has been designed specifically with skin patients in mind. It contains sunflower oil(hence the name!), aimed to help replace essential fatty acids and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. I have no skin conditions but people with dermatitis swear by its efficacy.

What did I think of it?

I chose the lavender version and was pleasantly impressed with the subtle smell and velvety feel. It did leave my hands feel soft, although be it a bit greasy, so try applying it on the back of your hands rather than on the whole surface, especially if you drive.

At £11.99 per 250 ml dispenser, it would be a bit on the dear side but considering the fact that ALL proceeds go to the NHS, so hopefully, back to our care, it is a fair deal.

If I got your interest and want to give it a go, head to their official website and have a look for yourselves.


A perfect day

I have been challenged by The Prompt launched by MumTurnedMom and made to ponder on what would be the perfect day for me, now that I am a stay-at-home mum, looking after two young children…

As much as I love my little ones, since I haven’t had a night of unbroken sleep in what feels like ages, I would start my perfect day in a lovely hotel, with a big, fat lie-in! Followed by a leisurely shower, without any small hands knocking impatiently on the door. I will then descend for a luxuriously lazy home-cooked breakfast downstairs and enjoy reading the morning newspaper over hot coffee and croissant…

Once my body replenished, I would go in search of replenishment for my soul: maybe a bit of solo shopping of clothes for myself (for a change!), perusing the latest books and magazines in a book store, having a look at home decor items in antique shops and buying myself a notebook where I could keep track of my blogging goals,plans and ideas.

After a light lunch in town, I would be tempted to go back to my hotel for an afternoon nap and later that afternoon I would maybe go and watch a girly movie in the cinema. Over nachos and gooey cream cheese…Then I would challenge myself to find a small and quirky Italian restaurant that makes its own pasta and have a big bowl of it with red sauce for dinner.

My evening would be spent in my PJs, in front of the iPad, catching up with the Born Every Minute series I missed this season, stuffing my face with pretzels and sobbing over touching moments.

I would then blissfully go to sleep around 9 p.m., knowing that reality awaits me the following day.

For me, this is only a fantasy at the moment, I will probably have to wait for a good few years until Georgie is old enough to go for sleepover with friends until this becomes reality.What is your perfect day and what would you do with yourself if you had 24 hours to spare?

Wedding Anniversary 030Old picture of shopping trip…

The Prompt4e4a1bf6-07cb-494b-b06e-f959b1fe1311_zps654d027a


Dotty Stripes: A Class Eco-Friendly Product Review

032Back in January, the lovely Ania from Dotty Stripes offered us a baby blankie to review. From the moment we started emailing, I could tell she was one of a kind girl, dedicated to do one of a kind things!

My intuition proved right when the blankie arrived. A high quality, fair-sized unique linen creation, which I will sure use to cover and comfort my baby way into his toddler years! Yes, you read right, the blankies are all unique as they are ordered and manually created in Poland in a small enterprise run by her family.

I love the linen used to make them, soft to touch, cool for warm days and toasty for winter nights.

But most of all, I admire Ania’s dedication to product quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity. In a world where all is ready-made and factory-produced, and where everybody’s priority is the price but not necessarily the quality, people like Ania and their commitment to produce high-quality, organic products are rare.

So why don’t you have a look at her brand new site and give her some love (and more importantly, place some orders!) to encourage her on the way?


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