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Sunshine, sunshine baby…

Galaxidi village, an hour away from Patra.

Okay, back home for a little while. We enjoyed our time away, seeing family we haven’t seen in absolute ages(meeting hubby’s second cousin’s new additions), eating fresh food, going out to the most exquisite restaurants in Thessaloniki(the best place to eat in Greece!) , choosing a house to live for the next year, reconnecting with dear friends I haven’t seen in five years or so…I am taking part in the Gallery this week and the theme is, so appropriately, sunshine. Here is a photo of a wee gem of a place, a small village called Galaxidi, not far from Patra. We had lunch and ice cream there on our way to Thessaloniki. Have a lovely weekend and bank holiday, enjoy the sunshine and the celebrations!


  1. I can almost hear the buzz of the scooters and the sound of those Greek cicadas!! Long time since I was in Greece (a bit of a home from home to me) and can’t wait for another visit.

    • I love Greece despite its dichotomies. People are at their lowest at the moment because of the financial difficulties but are out at night enjoying their friends’ company and great food. As I said, a place of great dichotomies!

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