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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 12 – New Flavours

I bought millet and aduki beans from the health store last Friday and today I decided to give them a go!

I haven’t made millet before and I didn’t know what to expect. I like couscous and I sort of expected it to be similar in texture and taste. It sort of is and it isn’t, I found millet a bit coarser and drier than the couscous but I think the millet has the potential to retain more flavour if boiled with the right ingredients(I added chicken stock, a bay leaf and a whole onion plus a spice mix we bought in the Greek open market, called Arabiko) . I used this recipe I found online last night but I decided to replace the lentils with my aduki beans. It came out a bit too dry so next time I will not roast the millet and I will probably add 3 cups of water to one cup of millet.

I served it with fish which I marinated, inspired by Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast on Channel 4, in harissa paste(and nothing else!) for a good few hours and cooked in the oven. I found the harissa wonderful and the fish well infused with exotic flavour and very moist inside. I will definitely make this again, extremely simple, very good for dieting and also very tasty!

My verdict on the three new things I tried today? I am slightly disappointed with the millet, I will have to add some moisture back into my salad tomorrow by slicing a juicy tomato and some cucumber. I LOVED the harissa, my fish was moist and flavoursome, definitely a winner. I am not convinced I did the aduki beans justice by adding them to the millet, next time I will use them on their on, like in this recipe.

Please check out my hard work here:


My fish,ready to go in the fridge for a few hours.


My millet salad, enough to feed an army!


The finished product

This is day 12, there are only 28 days left of this healthy living challenge!


  1. This is so inspiring. I’ve been on a semi-detox menu the past week to help my pregnancy complications along, and I love how my body is cleaner and healthier because of it. I’m a big fish fan and would love to try this. Like yourself, I haven’t tried millet, though today I had some yummy barley soup! Keep up the good work Oana!

    • Nina, I hope the diet is helping with your health issues at the moment. You are one brave woman! I would recommend quinoa first(if you haven’t tried it either), much smoother texture compared to the millet. DO try the harissa fish, I never had fish that tasted so good!xx

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