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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 35 – Don’t fear fats!

I think this is the lesson I learned since my last weigh-in. It paradoxically took an increase of fat consumption in my diet to lose weight last week!!

My explanation?

We have been told that veggies and fruit are great for losing that extra weight but losing weight depends to a great extent on an efficient daily elimination of the ingested food. I found that in my case water doesn’t have enough lubricant effect necessary in the elimination process and that fats like avocado, extra virgin olive oil and even “bad” fats like pork pancetta and bacon had a favourable effect.

This is not medical advice so please don’t go blaming me if this doesn’t work in your case. This is what works for me and has helped me go down another notch this week, from 68.5 to 67.6!

Stay healthy, eat well and don’t ditch the bacon ;-). Talk soon!


                                                        I now add olive tapenade, curried coleslaw or a dash of olive oil to my salads. Delish!

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  1. Oh! Your scale is not stuck anymore!! congrats you did it! I think that when you come back to Greece it’s going to be easier to keep in shape with a healthy but tasty diet! Fresh tomatoes, feta cheese (fatty cheese but you can eat it in small amounts) and of course extra virgin oil and oregano! It smells like summer, isn’t it?

    • Yes, Elena, caught up and am back on track :-). I know, I can’t wait to get to Greece for long walks with Emma, fresh veggies from the market and time in the sun for a tan!!!xx

    • Yes, Nina, I have them delivered weekly by an organic farmer as Emma loves eggs and I want her to take all the goodness from them .xx

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