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Christmas presents for the healthy-minded loved ones

I know this post comes a bit too close to Christmas but if you are like me, always struggling to find appropriate Christmas presents for the healthy-minded ones in the family,  you might find it helpful.

A few weeks back the lovely people at Global Bounty invited our wee family to choose from and then sent us a selection of their wonderful products to try out. We got gluten-free morning cereal, a couple of natural supplements from Iceland (the country!) for children and grown-ups and loads of yummy and variously flavoured ginger chews.

Global BountyWe had a go at each and every one of them and were very satisfied with their quality.

The muesli have NO artificial sweeteners, nor sugar added, only pure oats and dried fruit, to my health-conscious hubby’s delight! Highly recommended for coeliacs and people suffering from thyroid dysfunctions, like myself.

The chews are great for ginger lovers, I use them for sore throats and bad breath, they work like magic! My favourite flavour at the moment is the peppermint but I like the orange as well.

To my delight, Emma, the pickiest member of our family, has taken to her kids’ multivitamins and has declared them “yummy.” Emma has a difficult time trying new things generally and the Lazy Town picture on the bottle seems to have done initially the trick for her. I am pleased she likes the taste as well as the picture as this means she will continue taking them. The company has in its children’s range a choice of of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc and Vitamin D supplements so if your children get frequent colds and you struggle getting enough vitamins into them, this would be a good option!

I left what I consider the best product for the end:  the Hafkalk Ocean Calm Capsules, which contain natural marine magnesium and a mixture of vitamin B6 and C, a wonderful concoction which is bound to strengthen your immune system and improve your energy levels.  I keep these for myself, selfish me!

So if you have been struggling to find products your health-conscious family would like, then don’t hesitate to head over to the Global Bounty website and place an order with them!


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