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HelloFresh: Review

I love cooking. It relaxes me and it helps me express love.

The months I spent in hospital with Georgie were really hard for me from this point of view as well. I express love through service and although I was there looking after my precious boy I felt that I was neglecting the other members of the family by not being able to provide meals cooked with care and love for them.

Once we came back from Greece, after our time away this summer, I found it hard to get into cooking again. Not having cooked for almost half a year(!!), I had a hard time finding motivation, getting the portions and quantities right…etc.

When I came across HelloFresh, who were running an offer at the time and offering their classic box for £20 instead of the usual £39, I decided to give it a go. I needed some professional help to get me out of my cooking stupor!

I am so glad I did!

1. The box comes with three COMPLETE meals inside. I mean, from the step by step recipe to the meat and carbs you need for a meal, down to the very last detail: seasoning, sauces and all the other small but essential bits and pieces needed to cook a flavoursome meal.

10665171_10152248663816512_5856604643746756019_n2. For me, this was priceless help in those hazy, post-traumatic days of “life after Georgie.” All I had to do was pull the recipe card out, dig out the ingredients and…simply cook!

10013525_10152245831321512_6189911380057984014_n 3. You would expect meals from a box to look and taste average but with HelloFresh my cooking ended up looking (semi-)professional and my pictures got a lot of attention on Instagram and my personal Facebook page. And as you can see below, they deserved the attention, as the meals ended up looking very appetizing, indeed!

10649855_10152245885706512_4128445305009915595_n4. I also experienced the joy of seeing Emma trying new things with the HelloFresh meals. For a fussy wee madam, she did really well and I put it down to the excellent quality seasoning and the lovely aromas drifting through the house at dinner time ;-).

10686410_10152250888331512_1084958022_o5. We also tried a variety of meats, from chicken to pork sausages to fish to duck. Every product is carefully sourced: I was slightly amused to read that the same fishmonger supplies the queen, imagine, it is as close as I will ever get to having a meal with her Majesty:-). Their duck range is supplied by the Gressingham producers and it is beautiful, just like the rest of the produce.

10659433_10152244256751512_8135584293906708217_n6. Needless to say, the food cannot taste but delicious and many an occasion Alex ended up polishing the meal in one seating!

10647009_10152244321441512_7237505282864250151_n7. Meals are usually delivered weekly, via courier, and delivery is free. Since I don’t work outside the house at the moment, I chose to have our boxes delivered every other week and the staff was very helpful in rescheduling and arranging the deliveries to suit our budget.

8. For those of you keeping count of calories, the recipe cards come with full calories/fat/carbs charts.

9. Everything comes carefully measured and portioned so no more waste and uncertainty at cooking time. You just literally cook and enjoy!

10. Once you have been with them for a few weeks, HelloFresh will reward your custom and include you in their reward system. We got a lovely shopping tote bag, which comes in handy every day, and a bottle of rapeseed oil with our third delivery.

Not only that but they do tend to encourage your friends to join in, so they sent me an email shortly after my second delivery offering 5 FREE boxes to friends who would be interested in joining in. Let me know if you’d like one by popping your email address in a comment under this post or in a private message on Facebook if you don’t want your personal data to be revealed and I will forward the details to the lovely Nia at HelloFresh to let her know about you.

Disclaimer: I purchased the subscription to HelloFresh at my own expense. I was not rewarded in any way, neither in cash, nor in products, to write this review. I was just impressed with the quality of the produce and the flavour of the meals and decided to blog about it.

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