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Healthy January

I haven’t had a very healthy January.

Between recovering from the big blow that the first Christmas without our baby was and surviving Georgie’s first birthday, I needed a lot of comfort food and  chocolate. I don’t even like chocolate but grief would do that to you. Change you into someone unrecognizable at times.

But I have tried, on my “good days” to choose right.

So when British Lion Eggs asked me to take their health challenge and…eat eggs in the process, I enthusiastically agreed!

I have never been one to worry excessively about my weight, my fat or my sugar intake were never monitored closely so I didn’t know a lot about cholesterol in eggs.

A couple of years ago, after studying about the Paleo diet and the theory behind it, I decided that as a way of living, it was more coherent than most fad diets that would encourage you to eat a restricted group of foods and nutrients, creating havoc in your body.

Now, I was too happy to read that indeed, consumption of eggs does not influence your cholesterol and will not be a cause of dreaded heart diseases or any other major health catastrophes.

So, my January hasn’t been as healthy as it could have been but it has been, on my “good days”, a balanced month, nutritionally wise. I am glad British Eggs approached me regarding this post, researching for it made me realise sometimes keeping healthy is not as complicated as we make it sound.

Eggs and cholesterol_4Disclaimer: we were offered a ProCook Gourmet Non Stick egg poacher as incentive for writing this post. No other payment has been received. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says

    I actually (mostly) eat Paleo now. I feel so much better when I do! (Which isn’t to say I didn’t have a burger, fries, cookies and ice cream Wednesday, but that I was really able to hone in on how crappy they made me feel.)

    • I try to go Paleo but I still eat bread, carbs and chocolate when I am stressed. One day…Until then, I will try to minimise the loss and keep the intake low, when I can.xx

  2. I’ve always loved eggs and had also heard the scare stories about the levels of cholesterol they contain. Finally someone used some proper science and while they do have high levels of cholesterol, its not the same type that cause the health issues in humans! So now its eggs all the time and I like nothing better than serving the to guests at our B&B.

    • David, both Emma and I love eggs in our house. I think nothing can harm us if eaten in moderation and not excessively. Eggs are so versatile and they can always make a delicious and healthy meal, any time of the day. I am sure your guests enjoy the fresh eggs!xx

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