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Live ItMany of my friends have asked recently about our plans for the 5th of July.

On the day, we will mourn the loss of our baby boy afresh as the time will mark, cruelly, a year since Georgie left us.

I know that this boy is loved by many more people than we will ever know and I decided to include you all in the marking of what has been the most difficult year of our lives.

On the day, we will be on our own. We will spend the day remembering a sweet boy’s face, personality and character and will do things to honour his short life.

This is where I want to invite you to take part.

I want to launch a campaign called #LiveItForGeorgie.

I want to invite you all, alongside family members and friends, to create a bank of memories in the memory of my boy.

You see, Georgie never got to do many things on this earth.

The simplest things, that we all take for granted.


….eating an ice cream.

…playing in the park.

…writing a check to a charity.

…writing a letter to a friend or total stranger.

…sitting on the grass.

…singing in the choir.

…hugging a friend in need.

…visiting a beautiful place.

…taking a stunning picture.

…playing a prank on a friend.

…taking a challenge to help others.

…collecting leaves.

…picking up flowers.



I invite you from now, until the 5th of July to join in and create a life for him here on earth.

Through your actions.

They can be as mundane or as heroic as you choose them to be.

Just choose a moment in your life.

Any moment.

And then, please, dedicate it to my boy.

Make the world a teensy bit better in his memory.

Send him a wave and a hug, which I feel strongly he will feel up above, where he is.

Envelop him with love in action on the day he was called home.

And let him know, as we will, that he was never forgotten, that he is always missed and that he is loved.

Oh, so loved…


Please tag and share your actions on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or, if you prefer to keep it private, send me a private message with the picture.

Thank you so very much!


  1. Catherine Allen says

    Georgie would love to blow out his birthday candles,clap hands, smile and sing Happy Birthday

  2. Working Mum Blog says

    This is a great idea Oana. I hope a lot of people get involved. I will also share at some point this week. X

  3. Lovely idea! I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your boy – can’t believe I haven’t come across your blog before!

  4. Becca says

    Amazing beautiful way to honour his life. I want to tribute many little acts of kindness to Georgie, for Georgie, done on his behalf. Xx

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  6. fistbumpp says

    Now I sit here and I’m fithting with my tears – and I’m game over. Read your blog for the first time now and I’m totally tear-filled. I’m sorry for your loss and will also share you idea.

  7. Hi Oana, I’m so sorry for your story but I will #LiveItForGeorgie. Let me know what sort of things you are thinking of for memories, I will also be thinking of you on 5th of July.

    • Cook a meal, Richard,and share it with someone in need, please! In need of companionship, in need of sustenance, in need of love. Thank you so much for choosing to #LiveIrForGeorgie.xx

      • That is something I can do, stay strong. I’ll dedicate my next post to #LiveIrForGeorgie

  8. Michelle Twin Mum says

    What a lovely way to remember your little boy. I’ll be praying for you and happy to #Liveitforgeorgie. Mich x

  9. Nancy Tompkins says

    The first thing I did was create an event on facebook! and posted a link to this blog… bless you and your family. I will #liveitforgeorgie

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  12. Mimi Makri says

    On July 5 I will think of a sweet beautiful baby, the nephew I was never meant to meet, hug and love. I will think of the family’s big loss, of my loss I dare say.

  13. Ickle Pickle says

    What a beautiful idea to remember a beautiful baby boy. I hug Pickle a bit tighter after reading this – and recent money worries just fade away. 5 July is this weekend – I will think of you all and #LiveitforGeorgie Kaz x x

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  15. What a really lovely idea for your gorgeous little boy. Sending you lots of hugs xx We will be doing something tomorrow x

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