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Expedition Tech Jacket by Scruffs Hard Wear – A Review

As I said in my previous blog post, all of us were in desperate need of appropriate clothing this autumn. Of us all, hubby probably the most.

He works as a housing surveyor; during a normal working day he would be climbing into lofts, measure wall and insulation thickness, check boilers and windows so it is a very hands on, physical job.

He had been complaining not only about being cold while working but also about the danger he exposed himself to when wearing inappropriate gear. Working in such conditions means he needs to always carry a torch with him, to wear high visibility gear and for this gear to be highly breathable yet quite warm, so he can move freely.

We had been trying- unsuccessfully- on several occasions to find him appropriate work gear. The items we looked at in B&Q were impractical, the wrong size(he wears a small) and the rapport price-quality extremely poor.

So when I heard that Scruffs were looking for bloggers to review their autumn-winter collection, I had to give them a shout!

The Expedition Tech Jacket arrived promptly, shortly after I put my request through with their PR team, and from the moment I set my eyes on it, I knew it would be perfect for Alex!

Scruffs Jacket

The jacket is made out of lovely, soft yet hard-wearing material. It has tons of pockets for everything a working man needs to keep safe, even one at the back! It is rain proof and has a hood that would prove really useful on blowy or cold days. I love the orange and brown spot lining, both in the hood and inside the coat, as it brightens the black. In one of the outside breast pockets, it comes with a small yet powerful LED torch, totally practical both in size and pocket storage. Despite it being light, the coat keeps the warmth in, Alex put it to the test last Sunday in the park and was, for a change, nice and toasty!

Hubby almost never features on my blog but here he is, proudly modelling his coat last Sunday:


In retrospect, I think I should have had the patience and waited to order it in small size but they had run out on the website and he is wearing a medium (the small size is back in stock now, I did check before writing this blog post).

He is still very pleased with his review jacket, nevertheless, and he has added Scruffs to his favourites’ list. Next item on the work gear list is a pair of safety boots, I think Santa may have some plans concerning the matter and will be shopping for those in the same place :-).

The jacket retails on the website at £84.95, including VAT. Delivery is free on orders over £50.

Disclaimer: we were sent this jacket for the purpose of this review. The opinions expressed are true and entirely our own.


  1. My husband loves pockets as he absolutely won’t carry a man-bag but always has a ton of stuff…though not enough for a briefcase. This could be the thing for him too.

  2. Angela Milnes says

    This looks fab! My hubby is getting a jacket/coat soon and it’s always great to read reviews to choose the right one! Angela

  3. laura447 says

    That’s a perfect jacket for your other half. It actually still looks stylish even though its purpose is for work, if that makes sense. I bet the LED light comes in use for your hubby if he’s up in dark attics, etc. I love the linking too.

    Laura x

  4. This looks brillant – Hubby would love a jacket like this. He is outside with work a lot so this would be perfect

  5. It’s funny, when I was younger, I hated the idea of waterproof things, but now i’m older I’m kinda obsessed with them! We are all now kitted out for these colder months with them! Wish i’d seen this before, its much nicer than the one Ben has now haha x

  6. That’s a really nice looking coat…and perfect for all this rain! We need to get some new coats so will look them up, thank you!

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