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Mother’s Day…on Instagram

I have been using Instagram separately from my personal Facebook for the past six months, in an attempt to separate business and personal life but I have recently realised that most of my friends have missed on our news in this way.

So, inspired by a fellow blogger who has an Instagram post once a week, I will attempt to keep my friends and family updated in this visually pleasing way as well.

This week has been all about the coming celebrations for Mother’s Day as we got loads of bits to enjoy on the occasion, all thanks to this blog.

We kicked off the celebrations (I know, I am the mummy here but I cannot leave those two out, can I?) with lovely, scrummy food from Charlie Bigham’s, for which we had been sent vouchers the week before.

Charlie Bigham is the amazing chef who came up with the brilliant idea of β€œoven-prepared convenience dishes”, designed for one or two and selling at a very reasonable price, in an attempt to bring harmony back into the home. My two were definitely saved a lot of cooking and the washing up also with the amazing lasagna and individual pies we chose from the range.

We would definitely recommend them, a thousand time tastier and healthier than a takeaway and for a fraction of the price! The good thing is that it is not too late to grab some from your local supermarket (aim for the bigger stores, our Sainsbury’s doesn’t stock them so we had to drive to Lisburn!) and wow mum or wife with them!

Then, on Tuesday, an unexpected and absolutely beautiful parcel from the Cooperative Food brightened my day with amazing looking cake and a bit of fizz :-):

The Cooperative has plenty of afternoon tea and gift ideas for organising the Mother of all Tea Parties this Mothering Sunday so why don’t you pop over if you are still in need of inspiration for the big day. There are even free music playlists via Spotify, to recreate that perfect atmosphere for mum!


But of course, the best present Alex and Emma can always give me is the gift of time spent together. We had plenty of that last Saturday on the North Coast, taking pictures for World Book Day on the famous stones at Giant’s Causeway and enjoying amazing fish and chips suppers.

There is nothing I want more this Mother’s Day than having them close and making loads of happy memories together. Of course, a little baby boy in Heaven will also be in our thoughts and hearts on the day, as he always is!

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, hope you have a happy, full of love day. And cake,loads of cake :-)!


  1. Mother Under Measure says

    You deserve such a relaxing Mother’s day, I hope you enjoy it, you are a truly wonderful mum xxx

    • Thank you so much, Ally. Wish you lived nearer so I can treat you to cake and a cuppa on Sunday!xx

  2. Hope you have a lovely relaxing mothers day and that pie looks delicious (sorry im hungry and still cant get over how nice it looks!) haha

    • They are really good, Deborah, we all loved them! Have a lovely Mother’s Day too!xx

  3. Ooh I love that cake, perfect with a cuppa and relax. I am using Mothers Day as a day to ensure we have some fun as a family and make an effort to go out somewhere for the afternoon. I hope you have a wonderful day despite the sadness xx

  4. Great post. I love the photo of your daughter reading, very cute, and gives me ideas for my kids!

  5. I love the book day photo on the Giant’s Causeway. Lovely idea to do a weekly round up for those not on Instagram. I’ve recently started a monthly best-of Instagram post, as it’s nice to collate it all together. x

    • I would have such a hard time collating a monthly best, so many lovely things to show, haha!xx

  6. Lovely photos. Love the idea of an instagram round up. You were very lucky to receive a hamper from the Co op. We are on holiday in australia for it so it’ll be a fab mothers day. Enjoy it with your family xx

    • Oh, very jealous, we loved Australia and I would love to be there for a holiday like this! Happy Mother’s Day, enjoy your trip!xx

  7. cvnxena says

    that chocolate tulip is amazing! I combine my instagram because it’s easier and because when I started blogging I did it about our personal lives anyway so I didn’t really try to keep them separate :p

    • I did too but last summer we travelled a lot and people started getting tired of our photos so I decided to keep them for Instagram only. Easing them gently back, haha.xx

  8. Beautiful Mother’s day gifts, and that pie looks delicious. I have seen the adverts on TV recently but your photo does them much more justice. Thinking of you and your beautiful family of 4 this Mother’s day, hoping it is a day of peace, hope and happiness. xxx

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, once again, and for including Georgie! Alex read the comment you left on the previous post this week and was so encouraged by your understanding. Have a lovely Mother’s Day too, hope you get spoilt!xx

  9. nessjibberjabberuk says

    Love the shot at the Giant’s Causeway. My daughter had to do this too and it got quite competitive at school!

  10. I that is possibly the best place to read a book!! I like instagram, but, I keep it to just reviews and food.

  11. PurelyAmy says

    I hope you have a great mothers day! What a brilliant thing for your school to ask for! x

  12. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    Lovely photos – especially the one of Emma reading πŸ˜‰

    Instagram is my favourite place to be on social media x

  13. I hope you had the most fantastic mothers day what lovely bits you received. I love the chocolate tulip and Prosecco! Hope you enjoyed x

  14. shelllouise says

    That cake looks delicious and I love the photo of her reading at the giants causeway, it’s excellent πŸ™‚

  15. Looks like a great week! Love the coop delivery! I spent the morning with the kids at an event before meeting the other half at his mums for food in the afternoon x

  16. Lots and lots of yummy cake: how could mother’s day not be perfect with cake! That rose cake is so pretty. I saw it on a few Instagram feeds πŸ™‚

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