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Jumping Dog – A Children’s Clothing Collection Like No Other

Back in 2013 I came across this amazing project by photographer Joost Vandebrug. He was trying to raise money through his CINCILEI photography project for a bunch of homeless boys living in the sewers of Bucharest. I wrote all about it here, you can have a look before you read on.

The project has meanwhile evolved from the initial book to creating an entire centre in Bucharest where street children can feel at home and reintegrate into society.

Jumping Dog Info

The name of new Jumping Dog children’s clothing collection was inspired by the stray dogs street children develop strong bonds with during their years of living rough.

The collection is beautiful and emanates strength. The strength these street children have proven over the years, surviving the unimaginable, transcends into a collection that invites children to play and exploration.


I love their reversible t-shirts and I am planning to get Emma the adventure one for Easter. Not because my child needs another top but because ALL the money raised from the sale goes towards making the centre in Bucharest a reality. A better reality for  children who haven’t had a childhood but I hope, with all my heart, would have an adulthood that involved loving care, hope and shelter .

jumping-dog-london 2

I am not a sales person and I will not try and play with your emotions in order to get your attention.

I am a mum who has lost a precious son to illness and whose heart is sore knowing of so many children  and young adults in my home country who haven’t had the love mine would have been given unconditionally.

Use this appeal as doing one of your good deeds this lent, use it as a chance to pay it forward or use it simply as a way to show these children that someone cares.

Stop by the website, purchase one of their gorgeous items for your little ones and give hope to someone who has none.

Once again, thank you Joost for allowing me to write about your lost boys and getting involved in this amazing project!


  1. Beautiful post, and what a wonderful brand. Its rare to see a product where all the profits go to charity, and especially such a noble charity. I’ll surely be investing! H x

  2. This is a great post, it is sad that many children live with nowhere safe to live. People Joost Vanderbrug are a great inspiration allowing for these boys to have somewhere safe to live. I had a look at the jumping dog clothing label and I like the different designs on the t-shirts. x

  3. What a great idea and such a catchy name you can’t help but remember it. Your photos are a lot of fun too 🙂

  4. Great post oona and I find it sad that many children live with nowhere safe to live in this day and age.

  5. hellobabysteph says

    What a brilliant cause and thanks for sharing and bringing it to our attention. The clothes look fab! x

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