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40 Day Healthy Living Challenge

Okay, this week I noticed I have put weight on. Again. I know, I know, all those months of quasi-hibernation and comfort eating do just that but I think enough is enough. Need to turn this around. I have done it before in the past with diet and exercising and I have decided to set myself up for a challenge. Do just that for 40 days. Why 40? Because I remember my mum trying to fast when I was young for the whole 40 days of the Orthodox pre-Easter period and I think it’s as good a number as any.

So here is what I need.

I need people to join in and keep me accountable as I have come to agree with Hubby and believe that real friends are the ones who know the truth about yourself and spur you on to change when change is needed.

I need advice. So if you have been on a balanced weight loss program and it has worked for you, I would like to hear your tips. For example, I struggle to get myself motivated, how do you keep yourself motivated?

I need to lose 5 kilos. At least. That includes unsightly bits on my tummy, hips, ribs and back.

I need to have fun with this so I can keep at it.

How am I going to do it?

Post every evening an update of what I have done to keep myself on the good side.

Talk to you tonight!DSC01370

I really want this body back!




  1. You want to get yourself motivated??? Iti atasez ceva ce am gasit pe http://www.tlife.gr Pe mine ma ajuta + mersul pe bicicleta, daca ai. Eu am una pt gimnastica. Stai in fata tv-ului sau te uiti la un dvd si “dai din picioare” cat poti tu: 5′-10′; faci o pauza si repeti. In fiecare zi!

    Φτιάξε τα… σωστά κίνητρα για να χάσεις κιλά!

    Πώς όμως θα τα πετύχεις όλα αυτά; Μα φυσικά βάζοντας το σωστό κίνητρο, εκείνο που ταιριάζει καλύτερα στις δικές σου ανάγκες.

    – Γίνε ανταγωνιστική με τον εαυτό σου. Ούτε ο αγαπημένος σου, ούτε η σύγκριση με celebrities θα βοηθήσει να το πάρεις απόφαση. Μόνο αν βάλεις στοίχημα με τον εαυτό σου θα δεις πως τα καταφέρνεις.

    – Μην υποτιμάς τις δυνατότητές σου! Είναι πολύ σημαντικό να κάνεις δίαιτα με καλή ψυχολογία. Η κακή διάθεση και η χαμηλή αυτοεκτίμηση σε καμία περίπτωση δεν θα σε βοηθήσουν να πετύχεις τους στόχους σου. Το αντίθετο μάλιστα… Θα σε οδηγήσουν πιο γρήγορα σε λιπαρές τροφές για να νιώσεις καλύτερα και… ΑΝΤΙΟ ΔΙΑΙΤΑ!

    – Σκέψου πώς αισθάνεσαι κάθε φορά που θέλεις να φορέσεις το μαγιό σου, σε περιόδους που έχεις παραπάνω κιλά. Είναι το πιο ισχυρό κίνητρο για να σιγουρευτείς πως πρέπει να ακολουθήσεις πιο υγιεινή διατροφή.

    – Φαντάσου τον νέο αδύνατο εαυτό σου. Χωρίς υπερβολές και παράλογες απαιτήσεις! Από μόνο του κάτι τέτοιο θα σου δίνει κουράγιο να συνεχίσεις.

    • Mersi draga mea, chiar ideea cu atitudinea pozitiva ajuta. De multe ori bag mincare in gura pentru ca ceva sau cineva m-a suparat. Bicicleta nu am, am sa vad cum o sa fac cu exercitiul cind e ploua, azi a fost tare frumos si am iesit la plimbare dar de multe ori nu avem norocul asta 🙂

  2. Its the perfect time of the year .
    I would recommend you eating good quality fats life avocado, coconut butter and flax seed oil.Have fruit for breakfast and some soaked nuts for mid day snack.
    Eat 50% raw fruit and vegetables and that will be where you gonna get lots of minerals and vitamins, which will increase your vitality.
    Motivation doesn’t last in my opinion , its creating the feeling that you are perfect now and loving yourself , that will lead to making food choices , that will bring you to your desired weight. ……
    Over all feel good about what you are eating. Its vital what energy you put on the food you eat.I wish you great results and I am sure you will do well.

    • It’s all good so far,Iva! I ordered my coconut oil and coconut flour(just in case I decide to make my own treats 🙂 and I can say this has been easier that I expected. But it’s only day one, we’ll see.xx

  3. Never leave your self short of healthy treats ,, its easier NOT to eat them when they are there , if you know what I mean ;-). Well done so far , Oana! xxx

    • I know, Iva, at least I will not reach for a KitKat when I crave something sweet but have something that’s actually good for my body, if maybe not so good for my waistline 🙂

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