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40 Days Healthy Living Challenge-Day 1

Day One rolled by successfully.

I managed to go for a half an hour walk in the morning thanks to an unusually sunny day(for Northern Ireland!). So that’s my exercise covered for today. I don’t know if we’ll be as lucky tomorrow but it felt good to be out in the sun. I haven’t been out for a walk since we came back from Greece in October and it was long overdue, this walk!

I have been REALLY good with my eating too: had my porridge in the morning, had a light lunch of Romanian chicken and noodle soup(skin removed and no oil added) then snacked on fruit and celery sticks with hummus(reduced fat, from Sainsbury’s).  Dinner was salmon baked in the oven(no added oil) with peas(my mother-in-law’s recipe, delicious!) and wheat free, gluten free pasta.

I am heading out to a concert tonight in our church so I am a bit scared of coffee and bun time at the end. I will need all my determination NOT to touch a bun.

What have I learned today:

1. Dispense with temptations or at least put them in the cupboard where you can’t see them. Out of sight, sort of out of mind 🙂

2. Remember to drink liquids. I got a bit tired and headachy around 3 o’clock just to realise I hadn’t had ANYTHING to drink today. Our boiler died this morning and then Emma came home with a very bad cough and needed attention, bed linen changed after boking her lunch from so much coughing and a trip to the pharmacy in the hope of a room humidifier.

3. I have great friends who left a lot of comments and advice on Facebook as to what worked for them when dieting.

4. Supplement your vitamin intake while dieting. I need to buy some iron tomorrow as I read yesterday that the lack of it from a woman’s body(and apparently 90% of us do suffer from a lack of it) makes weight loss more difficult.

5. Take one day at the time, one hour at the time, one meal at the time. Makes it less stressful.

Right, I am all chuffed with myself about today. Another 39 days to go!



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